How do you remember the difference between less and fewer?

The Less or Fewer Rule of Thumb

The basic rule to remember in less vs. fewer is: Less means a smaller amount or “not as much” and is used when describing singular or uncountable nouns. Fewer is defined as not as much and is used when describing plural or countable nouns.

Is it wrong to use less instead of fewer?

According to prescriptive grammar, “fewer” should be used (instead of “less”) with nouns for countable objects and concepts (discretely quantifiable nouns, or count nouns). According to this rule, “less” should be used only with a grammatically singular noun (including mass nouns).

Is it less hours or fewer hours?

Fewer hours“. “Hours” is countable, so you must use “fewer”. “Less” is used only for the uncountable.

How do you use fewer?

Fewer means “not as many.” We use fewer with countable nouns like cookies. Cookie Monster was told to eat fewer cookies. Less means “not as much.” We use less with uncountable nouns like milk.

Why do we say fewer rather than less?

According to usage rules, fewer is only to be used when discussing countable things, while less is used for singular mass nouns. For example, you can have fewer ingredients, dollars, people, or puppies, but less salt, money, honesty, or love. If you can count it, go for fewer. If you can’t, opt for less.

Is it one less person or one fewer person?

If the countable noun is plural, choose fewer; if it’s singular, choose less. … When it says to reserve less for mass nouns, it means singular mass nouns.) One is always singular: there is one less food group in the new pyramid; there is one less number in this column.

What do you mean by fewer?

: a smaller number of persons or things. fewer. adjective. Definition of fewer (Entry 2 of 2) comparative of few.

What is the difference between less than and fewer than?

Summary: 1. “Less than” is used for quantities which cannot be counted, for example, “The employment rate in 2009 was less than it was in 2010.” Whereas “fewer than” is used for quantities which can be counted. For example, “Her shopping basket has fewer items than her friend’s shopping basket.”

Can you say a lot less?

Grammatically speaking, ‘a lot’ is horribly colloquial, let alone ‘way. ‘ You should never write ‘way less. ‘ ‘Much less‘ is the correct use in these circumstances.

Does fewer mean higher or lower?

(comparative of `little’ usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree. less. (nonstandard in some uses but often idiomatic with measure phrases) fewer. Antonyms: more. (comparative of `many’ used with count nouns) quantifier meaning greater in number.

Is it 10 items or less or fewer?

According to Wikipedia the correct phrase should be “10 items or fewer.” Use “fewer” whenever you can. You use “less” with singular nouns*, and “fewer” with plural nouns. It should therefore read: “fewer than ten items”, or “no more than ten items.”

Is much fewer grammatically correct?

Many is an adjective, while much is an adverb. As such, many cannot modify the adjective fewer; only an adverb can modify an adjective. Much fewer is simply more correct than many fewer, despite its cacophony.