What does Scrooge do in A Christmas Carol?

In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge operates a prosperous counting house, but he begrudges every penny he is forced to spend. Poor Bob Cratchit, his loyal clerk, nearly freezes to death because Scrooge allows him only a small lump of coal to warm his office.

What was Scrooge business?

Scrooge never painted out Old Marley’s name. There it stood, years afterwards, above the warehouse door: Scrooge and Marley. The firm was known as Scrooge and Marley. Sometimes people new to the business called Scrooge Scrooge, and sometimes Marley, but he answered to both names.

Was Ebenezer Scrooge a loan shark?

Eddie Scrooge is an unscrupulous loan shark living on a poor inner-city estate, who brings misery to everyone who knows him. … Scrooge chooses to change nothing about the day.

What was Fezziwig’s business?

Fezziwig, the proprietor of a warehouse business. Mr. Fezziwig was a cheerful man who mentors Scrooge with kindness and generosity, and shows great affection towards his employees.

What was Bob Cratchit job?

Bob Cratchit is Scrooge’s clerk and works in unpleasant conditions without complaint. He obeys Scrooge’s rules and is timid about asking to go home to his family early on Christmas Eve.

What Bah Humbug mean?

Bah humbug is an exclamation that conveys curmudgeonly displeasure. The phrase is most famously used by Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol (1843).

Who was Scrooge’s employee?

Fezziwig, fictional character, the generous employer of the young Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens. Fezziwig appears early in the story, during Scrooge’s encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Who was Scrooge’s business partner?

Jacob Marley
Jacob Marley, fictional character, the deceased business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens. Marley’s ghost visits Scrooge on Christmas Eve at the beginning of the story.

Who is Fred’s mother in A Christmas Carol?

Fan. Scrooge’s sister; Fred’s mother. In Scrooge’s vision of Christmases past, he remembers Fan picking him up from school and walking him home.

Who worked for Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Bob Cratchit
Bob Cratchit is a fictional character in the Charles Dickens 1843 novella A Christmas Carol.

What type of people are fezziwigs?

Mr. Fezziwig is portrayed as a jovial, foppish man with a large Welsh Wig. In Stave 2 of A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to revisit his youthful days in Fezziwig’s world located at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution.

What is Scrooge’s typical response to Merry Christmas?

What is Scrooge’s typical response to “Merry Christmas”? “Bah! Humbug!

What is wrong with Tiny Tim?

According to Russell Chesney, a physician at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tiny Tim suffered from a combination of rickets and tuberculosis.

Why was Ebenezer Scrooge so mean?

The theory: Scrooge is so stingy because he lived through the Napoleonic Wars and knows what economic hardship is really like. … So according to the theory, Scrooge may have had a good reason for being stingy after all. He knows what economic hardship is like, and that shaped the person he became.

Did Ebenezer Scrooge have a wife?

In Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas past shows us the young Ebenezer engaged to be married to Belle. Troubled over the cost of the wedding, he repeatedly delays it, which leads Belle eventually to call off the engagement and marry another.

Did Tiny Tim have polio?

Tiny Tim is believed to have had rickets, tuberculosis (TB), polio, and/or cerebral palsy. Lewis12 built a logical case for renal tubular acidosis because it would affect the skeleton and could be reversed with the administration of alkaline salts.

Did Tiny Tim have a child?

Tiny Tim/Children

Was Tiny Tim a real person?

Herbert Butros Khaury (April 12, 1932 – November 30, 1996), also known as Herbert Buckingham Khaury and known professionally as Tiny Tim, was an American singer, ukulele player, and musical archivist.

Is Tiny Tim still alive?

Deceased (1932–1996)
Tiny Tim/Living or Deceased

Why does Tiny Tim have a crutch?

She wondered what was wrong with Tiny Tim. … Second, Tiny Tim “bore a little crutch, and had his limbs supported by an iron frame,” a reference to leg braces that were used to manage bowing of the legs. The single crutch also implied that he was affected on only one side of his body.

Is Tiny Tim married?

Susan Marie Gardner

m. 1995–1996
Jan Alweiss

m. 1984–1995
Miss Vicki

m. 1969–1977
Tiny Tim/Spouse

What happened to Tiny Tim and his wife?

Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki largely lived apart. They divorced after eight years. He carried on with his musical career, to mixed success, and died of a heart attack following a performance in Minneapolis in 1996. Tiny Tim was 64 years old.

Is Tiptoe Through the Tulips A evil song?

The song itself isn’t necessarily scary, it’s quite lighthearted and fun. What makes it scary is the context of how its commonly portrayed nowadays, as it’s used as a theme for a sociopathic serial killer, a murdering clown, etc.

Did Tiny Tim died singing?

Tiny Tim chose to pursue his art, however, and suffered a fatal heart attack in Minneapolis on November 30, 1996. He left the stage after performing “Tip Toe Through the Tulips,” his signature song, and died an hour later.