What does an engineer exactly do?

Put simply, civil engineers have to come up with solutions to complex problems and implement them; they literally shape the world we live in. There are many different specialisms within civil engineering, including environmental, structural, municipal, transport and geotechnical.

What does a zoning analyst do?

Analyze zoning codes and approval documents, review land surveys and determine conformance to the current zoning regulations. Must have some planning and/or zoning experience.

What does an engineer do on a construction site?

Engineers on-site work on location, usually at a construction site. They use project management skills and their background in engineering to oversee contractors and vendors, while also identifying solutions to problems.

What does an engineer do in real estate?

Engineers can explain the structural, technical, key systems, and environmental concerns among others. With this information, both parties are better prepared to set a realistic price when it comes to its true market value of the property they want to buy or sell.