Who is Stephanie Kramer’s daughter?

Stepfanie Kramer/Daughters

Is Stephanie Kramer from Hunter still alive?

Stepfanie Kramer (born Stephanie Lyla Kramer; August 6, 1956) is an American actress, writer, and singer/songwriter.
Stepfanie Kramer
Years active1977-present
Spouse(s)Mark Richards ​ ​ ( m. 1992; div. 2001)​

When was Stepfanie Kramer born?

August 6, 1956 (age 65 years)Stepfanie Kramer/Date of birth

Why did Stephanie Kramer leave the show hunter?

Stepfanie Kramer (Dee Dee McCall) decided she had had it and left the show. The reason given: She wanted to pursue her singing career. (But she hasn`t been singing much yet.) Dryer has had two partners since.

Who is Stephanie Kramer married to?

m. 1992–2001
Stepfanie Kramer/Spouse

Is Fred Dryer married?

m. 1983–1988
Fred Dryer/Spouse
He has since excluded red meat from his diet and eats chicken and vegetables. He married actress and Playboy centerfold Tracy Vaccaro in May 1983; the couple divorced in 1988. Together, they have at least one daughter. Dryer still resides in Los Angeles and has his own production company (Fred Dryer Productions).

Is Stephanie Kramer married now?

m. 1992–2001
Stepfanie Kramer/Spouse

How many seasons did Hunter Run?

seven seasonsThe show ended on April 26, 1991 after seven seasons. There are a total of 153 episodes, spanning seven years (1984–1991) of the show’s run. Reunion movies were broadcast on TV in 1995, 2002 and 2003, with a revival series of five episodes (of which only three aired) following in 2003 as well.

Who replaced Stephanie Kramer on Hunter?

Darlanne FluegelDarlanne Fluegel, who co-stars as police officer Joanne Molenski in the television series, will bow out after only 13 episodes. Fluegel replaced Stepfanie Kramer, who left the series last February after six seasons. It stars Fred Dryer as detective Rick Hunter.

What nationality is Stephanie Kramer?

Stepfanie Kramer/Nationality

How tall is Fred Dwyer?

6′ 6″
Fred Dryer/Height

What season did McCall leave Hunter?

However, at the end of the sixth season, which placed 26th in the Nielsen ratings, Stepfanie Kramer decided to leave the series to pursue a career in music. Kramer’s character was written out in the season’s two-part finale showing the McCall character marrying an old flame and moving out of Los Angeles.

Did Stephanie Kramer and Fred Dryer get along?

A. Dryer and Kramer were together again during the midseason press tour at a party celebrating NBC’s 75th anniversary. They were involved in a very friendly conversation, which would either belie rampant reports of bad blood by the time they stopped working together or ratify the old saw about time healing all wounds.

Who played Hunter’s partner?

Starring Fred Dryer as untamable LAPD police sergeant Rick Hunter and Stepfanie Kramer as his more levelheaded partner Dee Dee McCall, “Hunter” pushed the relatively narrow boundaries of ’80s network TV. Of course, like any good crime drama, “Hunter” couldn’t survive on detectives alone.

Was Fred Dryer a good football player?

Dryer was both a great pass rusher and a reliable presence at right defensive end. If he was in your lineup you could be assured of two things: He would find his way to the quarterback, and he would find his way onto the field every Sunday. In his first 12 seasons after the Giants made him a No.

What car did Rick Hunter Drive?

Dodge MonacoThe Dodge Monaco is Hunter’s car of choice. Though Hunter demolishes vehicles of many makes and models during the series’ seven seasons, he is most often seen cruising in a variety of Dodge Monacos, beginning with the pilot episode, in which he drives a dilapidated ’77 model.

Where was the series Hunter filmed?

Hunters was filmed in Brooklyn, Budapest, New York City, Newark and Paterson.

How old is Freddie dryer?

75 years (July 6, 1946)
Fred Dryer/Age

Where did Fred Dryer go to college?

Fred Dryer/College
Raised in Lawndale, California, he attended Lawndale High School and El Camino College. Before acting, he played football for 14 years. In college, Dryer played for the Aztecs of San Diego State University, under Head Coach Don Coryell, for the seasons 1967-1968.

What year did Fred Dryer retire from football?

He retired from the NFL at the beginning of the 1981 season and took a job as a color commentator for CBS.

How tall was the guy who played Hunter?

6′ 6″Fred Dryer/Height

How much does Fred Dryer weigh?

240 lbsFred Dryer/Weight

Who is Fred Dryer married to now?

m. 1983–1988
Fred Dryer/Spouse

How tall is Fred Dryer of Hunter?

6′ 6″Fred Dryer/Height