Are hey dude shoes legit?

They are the legit shoe Hey Dude shoe. I’ve ordered 3 pair from amazon and compared to some I’ve seen in stores and they are legit.

Who is the maker of Hey dudes?

CEO Alessandro Rosano
Hey Dude was founded Italy in 2008 by CEO Alessandro Rosano who wanted to create comfortable and accessible footwear. However, today, 95% of revenue comes from the American market—and the brand also has almost one million followers across social media channels. Rosano said: “We are proud of the brand we built.

Who is Alessandro Rosano?

MILANO – A Tuscan businessman little known to the general public is preparing to become one of the most liquid men in Italy. Is called Alessandro Rosano, is 53 years old and is the founder of a company that today is based in Hong Kong and produces leisure shoes under the Hey Dude brand.

Did Crocs buy Hey dudes?

The Hey Dude deal marks the largest acquisition for Crocs to date, turning Crocs into a multi-brand company for the first time. … Hey Dude is expected to generate revenue of $570 million in 2021 and will operate as a standalone division after the transaction closes in the first quarter of 2022.

Are hey dude shoes made in China?

Hey Dude shoes are currently manufactured in China and Indonesia.

When did Hey dudes come out?

Hey Dude emerged in 2008 out of an intense desire to see lightweight, comfortable, stylish and yet affordable well made shoes become the standard, and not the exception for how you treat your feet.