Who can be appointed as a certifying officer?

2. Payment Certifying Officers. a. Authority to appoint payment certifying officers within the Army is hereby delegated to company grade commanders, activity directors, and other military and civilian personnel of equivalent position.

Which of the following personnel are not normally eligible for appointment as certifying officer?

Which of the following personnel is not normally eligible for appointment as a Certifying Officer? Disbursing Officers are not normally eligible for appointment as a Certifying Officer.

What best describes the certifying officer?

Responsible for the correctness, legality, and propriety of the certified voucher best describes the Certifying Officer. Easy to remember.

How do certifying officers ensure?

A letter is used to appoint Certifyihg Officers. A Certifying Officer’s certification attests to the legality, propriety, and correctness of a voucher for payment as defined in DoD Directive 7000.14R. … Disbursing money according to properly certified vouchers.

What does a certifying officer do?

Specific people, called “certifying officers” in civilian agencies, are responsible for verifying that payments made by the Federal Government are legal, proper, and correct. The verification involves certifying a voucher for which a disbursement will be made.

What is the best way for a certifying officer to prevent pecuniary liability?

What is the best way for a Certifying Officer to prevent pecuniary liability? By only certifying travel documents that are legal, proper, and correct.

What is true about a certifying officer’s pecuniary liability?

Pecuniary Liability

Being pecuniarily liable means that the Accountable Officer must repay, out of his or her own money, any funds for which he or she is accountable that have been improperly disbursed. Certifying Officers are one of several types of Accountable Officers.

Which is true about accountable officials and certifying officers?

The term correct when applied to Certifying Official duties means that: … Which is true about Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers? They are pecuniarily liable for all illegal, improper or incorrect payments.

Do certifying officers provide information to departmental accountable officials?

They provide information to Departmental Accountable Officials. What is an Authorizing Official’s status regarding travel documents in DTS? They are Certifying Officers when approving travel documents that contain payments, and Departmental Accountable Officials at all other times.

Are responsible for the performance of their duties providing certifying officers?

DAOs are responsible in the performance of their duties to provide certifying officers with information, data, or services to support the payment certification process.

Which of the following are possessory accountable officers?

“Possessory” Accountable Officers. 1. Someone who has custody of funds is an accountable officer even though he or she is not a certifying or disbursing officer. Those entrusted with funds are liable for any and all losses.

What is a certifying official?

A Certifying Official (CO) is the training institution’s representative responsible for completing paperwork necessary to certify enrollment for students eligible for VA benefits.

What is the purpose of having accountable officials and certifying officers?

(3) the legality of a proposed payment under the appropriation or fund involved. Certifying Officers are responsible for verifying that a payment is legal, proper, and correct prior to certifying it.

What is an accountable official?

A departmental accountable official is a DoD military or civilian employee who provides to the DoD certifying officer information, data, or services that are directly relied upon by the certifying official in the certification of vouchers for payment.” Individuals eligible for appointment within the U.S. must be a U.S. …

Who is certifying officer?

[(c) “Certifying Officer “means a Labour Commissioner or a Regional Labour Commissioner, and includes any other officer appointed by the appropriate Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, to perform all or any of the functions of a Certifying Officer under this Act; ]

Who is a certifying individual?

As a certifying officer, you are personally accountable for the correctness of Federal Government payments. You are one of nearly 1,600 certifying officers, collectively accountable for over 1 billion disbursements with a value of $2.4 trillion each year.

Who can certify a signature on a savings bond?

Any officer of an organization, not a bank or a trust company, that is qualified as an issuing agent for savings bonds. The agent’s stamp must be imprinted in the certification. (3) By United States officials.

Who is certifying officer under industrial employment?

Under the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946, all RLCs(C) have been declared Certifying Officers to certify the standing orders in respect of the establishments falling in the Central Sphere. CLC(C) and all Dy. CLCs(C) have been declared Appellate Authorities under the Act.

What is certified standing order?

This Act applies to the every industrial establishment wherein fifty or more workmen are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding twelve months.So, employers of industrial establishment engaging 50 or more workmen are required to obtain a certified standing order for their establishment.

Is the appellate authority Authorised to set aside the order of certifying officer?

(Section 6)  The appellate authority has no power to set aside the order of the Certifying Officer. It can confirm or amend the Standing Orders.

Who has the right to certify the standing charges?

It is mandatory for every employer covered under the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act has to get standing orders certified by submitting five draft copies of the standing orders to the certifying officer such as labour commissioner or a regional labour commissioner and also includes any other officer …