What substance has low melting point?

The chemical element with the lowest melting point is Helium and the element with the highest melting point is Carbon. The unity used for the melting point is Celsius (C).

Which substance is hard with a high melting point and does not conduct electricity in any physical state?

Ionic compounds
Ionic crystals are hard and brittle and have high melting points. Ionic compounds do not conduct electricity as solids, but do conduct electricity when molten or in aqueous solution.

What type of solid is generally characterized by having low melting point and low electrical conductivity?

Question: The type of solid that is characterized by low melting point, softness, and low electrical conduction is a covalent network solid.

Which compound is a poor conductor of heat and electricity and has a high melting point?

ionic crystals
The properties of ionic crystals reflect the strong interactions that exist between the ions. They are very poor conductors of electricity, have strong absorption of infrared radiation, and are easily cleaved. These solids tend to be quite hard and have high melting points.

Which type of solid has low melting point but no conduction?

Explanation: Covalent compounds have low forces of attraction between their molecules (i.e. one H2O molecule isn’t as attracted to another H2O molecule than the oppositely charges ions are in an ionic compound). Little energy is needed to break their bonds, therefore they have low meting points.

What type of bond has poor electrical conductors in all phases?

(covalent/ionic) compounds are gases, liquids, or solids (made of molecules). They have low melting and boiling points. They are poor electrical conductors in all phases. Many are soluble in nonpolar liquids but not in water.

Which compound has low melting and boiling point and non conductor of heat and electricity?

Covalent compounds
We require very little energy in separating the molecules. This is because of the attractive forces between the molecules with the absence of overall electric charge. Covalent compounds are usually gaseous molecules at room temperature and pressure. They might also be liquids with low relatively low boiling points.

Which substance has low melting and boiling points?

simple molecular substances
The covalent bonds are not broken. Relatively little energy is needed to overcome the intermolecular forces, so simple molecular substances have low melting and boiling points. The intermolecular forces between water molecules are stronger than those between oxygen molecules.

Which type of compound generally has low melting points and low solubility in water?

covalent compounds
Low Solubility Many covalent compounds are not soluble in water, which means that they do not dissolve well in water. B. Low Melting Points Less heat is needed to separate the molecules of covalent compounds, so these compounds have much lower melting and boiling points than ionic compounds do.

Which of the following best describes a substance that is a poor conductor of electricity and has a relatively low melting point?

solid substance
A solid substance is soft, has a low melting point, and is a poor conductor of electricity.

Do covalent substances have low melting points?

Covalent molecular

They have low melting points and boiling points because the attractions between molecules are easy to overcome. … Some covalent molecular compounds have higher melting points than expected.

What type of compound has a low melting point and can be solid liquid or gas at room temperature?

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Table 6.2.1 Comparison of Ionic and Molecular Compounds
PropertyIonic CompoundsMolecular Compounds
Physical state at room temperatureSolidGas, liquid, or solid
Water solubilityUsually highVariable
Melting and boiling temperaturesGenerally highGenerally low
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Which type of substance is soft has a low melting point and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity a metallic solid B ionic solid C molecular solid D network Solid?

B) A bond is formed as energy is released.

D) A bond is broken as energy is released. 1. What occurs as two atoms of fluorine combine to become a molecule of fluorine?

Which solid is a soft substance with low melting point?

Covalent solids are soft, have a low melting point (due to relatively weak bonds), and are a poor conductor of electricity (due to absence of free ions).

Which solid compound has low melting point and soft?

– The solid SO2 has a melting point of -72°C which is the lowest in the given options. – SO2 is also a covalent compound and hence it is soft. – NaCl is a crystalline solid and it has a melting point of 801°C.

Which of the following crystal is soft and low melting point?

Molecular crystals
Molecular crystals will be soft and have low melting point.

What type of solid has a soft melting point?

Molecular solids
Molecular solids are characterized by relatively strong intramolecular bonds between the atoms that form the molecules and much weaker intermolecular bonds between these molecules. Because the intermolecular bonds are relatively weak, molecular solids are often soft substances with low melting points. at -78oC.

Which type of compound has the lower melting points ionic or molecular?

Ionic compounds typically have much higher melting points than molecular compounds. To melt an ionic substance, you have to disrupt these bonds. This requires a lot of energy. Molecules are held together by covalent bonds, which are strong.

Which chemical bond produces solids that are soft with the lowest melting and boiling points?

Because the intermolecular interactions in a molecular solid are relatively weak compared with ionic and covalent bonds, molecular solids tend to be soft, low melting, and easily vaporized (ΔHfus and ΔHvap are low).

Which type of crystalline solid has the lowest melting point?

Classes of Crystalline Solids
Ionic SolidsMolecular Solids
*Many exceptions exist. For example, graphite has a relatively high electrical conductivity within the carbon planes, and diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any known substance.
relatively high melting pointlow melting point
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Which ionic compound has lowest melting point?

In spite of high lattice enthalpy, LiCl(828kJmol-1) has low melting point (610∘C) due to covalent character.