What is the most expensive Subaru?

Most Expensive: In range-topping Touring trim, the Ascent three-row SUV is the most expensive Subaru at about $46,000. Subaru’s sporty WRX STI in Limited trim is the brand’s highest priced sedan, with a sticker price at roughly $43,000.

How many Subaru 22B are left?

While the Subaru Impreza 22B STi would’ve undoubtedly sold well across the globe, just 400 examples left the production line. Subaru sold all of these cars exclusively to the Japanese market.

How much is a Subaru 22B worth?

Typically, a Subaru 22B hovers around $100,000 in value, but this one comes with a nearly $400,000 asking price due to its impeccable condition and with good reason: this Subaru never left 1998.

How rare is the Subaru 22B?

22Bs are exceptionally rare, with just around 400 built. As such, it’s not often you see them for sale, especially in America, which is at least part of the reason this one just sold for $312,555. Wow. It’s unclear if this is now the most expensive Subaru sold at auction.

Whats better STI or Evo?

The 2015 STI has a bit of improved steering and suspension over previous generations, but any reviews and first-hand experiences say the Evo still feels sharper and grounded while still being light. If you buy a stock Evo, you can have the better handling without spending the extra money if you can’t afford it.

How much did Ken Blocks Subaru sell for?

Ken Block’s Hoonitruck for sale at $1.1million.

What is the rarest STI?

Impreza 22B STI
The Impreza 22B STI is one of the rarest Subarus ever made. It was a 1998 special edition of the WRX STI, with a larger 2.2-liter engine and a widebody based on the WRC-winning rally car. Subaru only built 424 of the cars, and only 24 hit the export market outside Japan.

Why are there no Subarus in the Crew 2?

Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer based in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan. … Toyota and Suzuki own small shares in Subaru. Subaru is the only licensed manufacturer that has not re-appeared in The Crew 2 after having been featured in the first title.

How many P1 are left?


What is a Subaru P1?

The P1 was a direct response by Subaru to the increasing number of high-powered variants of the Impreza being imported on the grey market. Examples of the two-door 22B and Type R in particular were proving popular. … This car is number 295 of that production run. All of the P1s were painted in Sonic Blue.

What was the red Subaru in Baby Driver?

2006 Subaru Impreza WRX
This 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX was most notably used in the film’s opening scene. If you want to see the vehicle in action, you can check out the opening clip from Columbia Picture’s Baby Driver here.

What does 22B stand for?

It is a special edition of the WRX that has the wide body work of the 1998 Impreza WRC rally car, as well as special 2.2 L engine, brakes, and suspension. Only a few were made. At the time, the title sponsor of Subaru was 555 cigarettes, and 22B translates to ‘555′ in hex. 20.

What is a Subaru RB5?

RB5 is the name of a very special first-gen Impreza, a limited edition named after the late Richard Burns and his rally-winning car’s number. Subaru produced only 444 examples in Ota, Gunma, Japan, all featuring Blue Steel metallic paintwork and 17-inch Speedline alloys.

What year is a Subaru P1?

Subaru Impreza P1 (2000 – 2001)

What does STI and WRX stand for?

The WRX name stands for World Rally eXperimental and STI for Subaru Tecnica International. The WRX came to North America for the 2002 model year. The car was based on the Impreza platform but with more power and better handling. The more advanced STI version of the WRX followed in 2004.

What is a WRX GC8?

All WRX models built between 1992 and 2000 have a chassis code that begins with ‘GC8’ regardless of whether they’re the two-or four-door sedans. Coupe JDM versions also have the “GC” code but use the “GM” chassis code in the US.

Will Subaru make a STI hatchback?

Subaru did not reveal whether they will bring back the 5-door hatch in the next-generation STI, but, likely, they will now that the WRX hatch has been confirmed.

Breaking – Subaru Confirms 2022 WRX Hatchback But Is It Coming To The U.S.?
2022 Subaru WRX2022 WRX GT
New WRXWRX touchscreen
Oct 14, 2021

Who designed Subaru 22B?

Subaru Impreza 22B STi
Power345 hp @ 6000 rpm N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm
SimilarMitsubishi Evo 5 Mitsubishi Evo 4
DesignerDesigner (lead designer if it was a team effort)

What does the B stand for in Subaru 22B?

The 22B had the EJ22G 2.2 liter engine. … The 22 referred to the 2.2-liter displacement and the B was thought to be for the Bilstein suspension. This would correlate with the idea that Subaru sells a Legacy Spec B, where the B represents the Bilstein suspension.

What color is the Subaru 22B?

Only 24 examples were built for export markets, with 16 sold in the United Kingdom and five in Australia. The Subaru Impreza 22B was not offered in the United States. All 22Bs were painted in a unique metallic blue color paired with golden wheels, now an iconic combination for all of Subaru’s high-performance models.

What does St stand for on Subaru?

What Does STi Stand For? Now that you know what it means to drive a Subaru WRX, what is the deal with the STi name? These letters stand for Subaru Tecnica international, which is essentially a name to describe Subaru’s own motorsports program.