When must a boating accident report form be completed and sent to Colorado Parks and Wildlife?

A vessel operator involved in a boating accident must report the accident to Colorado Parks and Wildlife within five days after the date of the accident if the accident caused: Loss of life or disappearance from a vessel or… An injury which required medical treatment beyond first aid or…

How quickly must you file a report with the NC WRC if property damage exceeds $2000?

48 hours if a person disappears; 10 days if an earlier report is not required but becomes necessary; and/or. 10 days if the boat or property damage is in excess of $2000 or total boat loss.

How quickly must you file a report with Michigan DNR if property damage exceeds $2000?

within five days
The form must be filed within five days if: Damage to the vessel and other property damage totals more than $2,000 or… A person disappears from the vessel under circumstances that indicate death or injury.

How quickly must you file a report with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks if property damage exceeds $2000?

Damage to the vessel(s) or other property exceeding $2,000 must be reported to the department within five days of its occurrence.

Which of these accidents requires you to file a written report within 24 hours?

In California, drivers involved in car accidents resulting in any injury or death – to a driver or pedestrian – are required by law to contact the police or highway patrol and make a written report within 24 hours of the incident.

When you are in a speed zone posted as slow?

When you are in a speed zone posted as “slow speed, minimum wake” your vessel should be completely settled in the water. 24. If you see a boat approaching on your right hand side, you should slow down and give way to the boat. THE VESSEL ON THE RIGHT ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY!

Which vessels must be registered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to operate legally on state waters?

All boats powered by gasoline, diesel, electric motors, or sail must be registered and numbered. Sailboards and personal watercraft are considered boats. Nonresidents using boats that are properly regis- tered in another state may use their boats for up to 60 consecutive days without registering them in Kansas.

Which of the following best describes slow no wake speed under Michigan boating laws?

1. Slow – no wake speed within 100 feet of the shoreline, moored and anchored watercraft, pier, person, raft, swimming area, and swimmers.

What is every vessel operator required to do?

Every operator must keep a proper lookout, using both sight and hearing, at all times. Watch and listen for other vessels, radio communications, navigational hazards, and others involved in water activities. Maintain a safe speed.

How old do you have to be to not wear a life jacket on a boat in Kansas?

12 years old
In addition, Kansas law requires that children 12 years old and younger wear a life jacket while on board any vessel. Also, any occupant of a personal watercraft, regardless of age, must wear one.

When operating a vessel how far must you stay from a marked swimming area?

100 feet
Vessels towing persons may not come within 100 feet of any occupied anchored boat, any PWC, or any marked swimming area or public boat landing. Persons being towed behind a vessel on water skis, a surfboard, or other device, or their towing rope, may not come within 100 feet of a PWC.

Do you have to register a kayak in Kansas?

You do not have to register a kayak without any kind of motor or sail in Kansas. Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are considered vessels without motor or sail in Kansas and thus exempted from registration.

Do infants need life jackets on a boat?

According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety, an infant should not travel on a boat until they weigh at least 18 pounds and can wear a personal flotation device (PFD). … Infant life jackets are intended to fit snug and do a great job of raising the infant’s head out of the water.

Do you have to wear a life jacket while tubing down a river?

All inflatable rafts, canoes and kayaks must carry a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (life jacket) for each person on board. … All boaters should wear a life jacket, especially when going through turbulent waters or rapids.

Do Puddle Jumpers count as life jackets?

In case you do not know, a Puddle Jumper is a combination life jacket, swim aid and swim vest. A child slips his or her arms through the arm floats of the puddle jumper, and then it is buckled behind the back to secure it.

Why are life jackets not allowed at beaches?

An unapproved devices can slide off, pop, or float a child face down. Water wings can actually slide off and even trap a drowning child underwater. With any device a child can easily float away and into deep water.

How do you baby proof a boat?

Child proof precautions you need to do to make sure your boat is safe for baby
  1. Choose your boat type carefully. …
  2. Secure cockpit doors. …
  3. Always lock cabin doors. …
  4. Keep cleaners out of reach. …
  5. Cover the helm. …
  6. Clear gear from the cockpit. …
  7. Cover outlets in the cabin. …
  8. Always be within arms reach on deck.

What determines if a speed is safe for your boat?

In establishing a safe operating speed, the operator must take into account visibility; traffic density; ability to maneuver the vessel (stopping distance and turning ability); background light at night; proximity of navigational hazards; draft of the vessel; limitations of radar equipment; and the state of wind, sea, …

Are kayakers required to wear life jackets?

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs aka Life Jackets)

California boating law requires that all boats 16 feet or more in length, except canoes and kayaks must carry one wearable life jacket (Type I, II, III or V) for each person on board and one throwable (Type IV) device in each boat. PFDs must be readily accessible.

Should kids wear lifejackets in Ocean?

Children and teens should wear a life jacket any time they are on a boat, raft, inner tube or swimming in open water like lakes, rivers or the ocean. Children birth to 5 years old should also wear a life jacket while in or near water.

Are dogs required to wear life jackets on boats?

Water dogs may need a life jacket when swimming in rough currents, strong waves, in deep water, or in large lakes where they may get tuckered out. Also, it is advisable for all dogs to wear life jackets when boating.

What does a flashing blue light indicate on a boat?

(a) Law enforcement vessels may display a flashing blue light when engaged in direct law enforcement or public safety activities. This light must be located so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the vessel’s navigation lights.

Why do surfers not wear life jackets?

As for surfers life vest are designed to float your upper body keeping your head above water. Swimming in a life vest is difficult and would make it very hard to swim under a wave when paddling out.

Why are Puddle Jumpers not safe?

Incorrect and Ineffective Posture. Puddle jumpers and arm floaties are notorious for helping children develop ineffective swimming posture. These devices hold children in a vertical position — head up, feet down, arms out — causing them to use more of a bicycling motion in the water.