How long is the NLS distance swim?

Description: Demonstrate aerobic fitness and endurance: Swim 400 metres within 10 minutes (400 yards within 9:10 minutes). Purpose: The purpose of this item in the exam is to ensure that lifeguards have the minimum level of aerobic fitness required of a pool lifeguard.

How long is NLS good for?

A: Yes, the NLS award must be recertified every two years if you are working as a lifeguard.

What are the requirements for NLS?

Prerequisites: Minimum 15 years of age, Bronze Cross, and Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid (need not be current) or Standard First Aid from one of these approved agencies. National Lifeguard Pool certification is a prerequisite for the Waterpark Option.

What does NLS mean lifeguarding?

National Lifeguard certification
The National Lifeguard certification (NLS or NL) is both nationally, and internationally recognized. Those that hold this certification are qualified to legally work as a certified lifeguard. Candidates will learn the importance of lifeguarding principles, sound judgment and the responsibilities of this role.

How often do lifeguards need to recertify?

two years
Lifeguard Recertification Requirements

The certification is valid for two years, and you must renew your lifeguard certification before it expires.

How much does a lifeguard make in Ontario?

An entry-level Lifeguard with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of C$13.53 based on 6 salaries. An early career Lifeguard with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of C$15.26 based on 9 salaries.

How long does it take to get NLS?

This course is about 44 hours long. There are a few prerequisites.

How often should I Recert NLS?

How often do Bronze Medallion, Bronze cross and NLS have to be recertified? All Lifesaving awards have to be recertified every two years from the date appearing on the certificate. If you continue your lifeguard training you do not have to recertify your Bronze Medallion or your Bronze Cross.

What does NLS stand for?

NLSNational Land Service
NLSNational Language Standards
NLSNovell Licensing System
NLSNone Left Standing (band)

Can you recertify your NLS after it has expired?

If my National Lifeguard award has expired, can I still recertify? As long as you have held the National Lifeguard award and have proof of certification (see above), you are eligible for a recertification.

How old do you have to be to take NLS?

Previously, candidates had to successfully completed all prerequisite courses and be at least 16 years of age by the last day of their NLS course. Now, the requirement is 15. While the Lifesaving Society new NLS age threshold has been lowered, they made it clear it would not affect provincial workplace laws.

Do you need Bronze Cross for NLS?

Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for advanced training in the Society’s National Lifeguard and leadership certification programs. Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion and Lifesaving Society Emergency or Standard First Aid certifications (need not be current) or EFA or SFA from one of these approved agencies.

How do you pass the NLS?

You’ll have to “sprint” swim 50 meters (one Olympic pool length) in a minute (a bit challenging, but doable by most), endurance swim 400 meters (4 laps) in 10 minutes (this isn’t too hard), retrieve a 9 kg object (I had to fetch a rubber-wrapped lead brick) from the bottom of the pool and swim back to the side with it …

How do I Recert NLS?

Be prepared for a minimum 4-hour NLS Recertification based on a class size of 12 candidates (in surf option, 9 candidates) and more time if the class is larger. Recert candidates are expected to actively participate in 100% of the NLS Recertification.

How much do lifeguards get paid in Toronto?

The typical City of Toronto Lifeguard salary is $17 per hour. Lifeguard salaries at City of Toronto can range from $15 – $20 per hour.

What is a PIA carry?

Pia carry. The Pia Carry was created by Pia for use exclusively by lifeguards. It requires a strong legs-only kick that is used to support the drowning non-swimmer as far out of the water as possible (at least the shoulders out), to stop the instinctive drowning response.

What is NLS test?

National Lifeguard: Pool. At-a-glance. Notes. Test Items. The NLS Pool certification is designed to develop the fundamental values, judgment, knowledge, skills and fitness required by lifeguards.

Can you take the MLO test online?

You may also schedule your NMLS test to be conducted online at home through Prometric’s ProProctorTM system. In order to access Prometric’s ProProctorTM system, you will be required to download and install the ProProctorTM application from the Prometric website as well as perform a System Check.

How do you swim while carrying someone?

Wrap your arm around their waist and begin to swim to shore using a sidestroke.
  1. As you tow your victim, make sure you keep an eye on them. …
  2. If the flotation device is easy to grasp, you can pull the victim to shore by holding onto the device and towing that while you swim.

How do you carry a PIA?

Can you use a calculator on the MLO exam?

The only materials or devices, other than those furnished by the Department, that an examinee may use during the course of the examination are pencils and slide rules or silent, battery-operated, electronic, pocket-sized calculators which are non-programmable, do not have a print-out capability, or an alphabetic …