Is it spelled ratchet or rachet?

Classist way of calling someone brash and ignorant.

What does the slang term ratchet mean?

Ratchet is a slang term that can mean “exciting” or “excellent,” often used as a term of empowerment among women. Some may also use ratchet for when they are feeling “bad” in some way. The term has been previously used, however, as an insult characterizing a woman as being “overdramatic” or “promiscuous.”

How do you talk ratchet?

How do you spell ratchet tool?

ratchet noun [C] (DEVICE)

Keep the ratchet mechanism lubricated with oil. a tool consisting of a metal handle and a socket, used for turning objects in one direction only: The bolts can be removed with a ratchet.

What is another word for ratchet?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ratchet, like: rachet, cog, catch, wheel, ratch, sprocket wheel, cogwheel, rachet up, ratchet down, crank and lever.

What is ratchet and Boujee?

Bougie is the opposite of “ghetto” or “ratchet. Definition: Ratchet usually means to be ghetto, poor, messy, or inelegant. Ratchet usually means to be ghetto, poor, messy, or inelegant.

What is socket ratchet?

A ratchet and socket combination (sometimes called a socket wrench) lets you turn a nut or bolt without repositioning the tool on the fastener — like you need to do with a wrench when there isn’t enough room to turn it in a full circle. This can make the work quicker.

What is ratchet culture?

Ratchet culture is the new “it” thing in pop culture where artists like the former Hannah Montana Disney star imitate an actual lived experience of some poor underclass people of color. The bandana rocking, gold grill bling, and twerking she dabbles in for entertainment is a reality that can’t be escaped.