What is the fastest way to make money in Bannerlord?

How to Make Money Fast
  1. Complete Village Quests.
  2. Trade Items For a Profit.
  3. Hunt Looters For Their Weapons and Armor.
  4. Smelt Weapons For Money.
  5. Become a Mercenary in Bannerlord.
  6. Compete in Tournaments.

How do you make money trading in Bannerlord?

As with all Mount & Blade games, you can take any item in your inventory and sell it for different prices at different settlements. This applies to any loot that you acquire, but you can also take any item from a merchant in one settlement and immediately visit another to sell it for a profit.

How do you get a lot of gold in Bannerlord?

This page of the guide lists several ways to make money and answers the question how to make money in Bannerlord.
  1. Hunting for bandits.
  2. Selling slaves.
  3. Looting villages.
  4. Trade.
  5. Completing missions.
  6. Arena fights and participating in tournaments.
  7. Buying a Workshop.
  8. Creating a caravan.

How do I make my caravan profitable in Bannerlord?

The most important skill for a caravan leader is Trade, followed by Steward, Tactics, and Scout. Trade will see them make more money from transactions, Steward gives caravans more guards. Tactics will make their caravan more likely to win battles you’re not there for.

How do I start trading in Bannerlord?

The key to profitable trading is to observe the so called trade rumors. All you have to do is enter your inventory and then point your cursor at the item you want to sell. By doing so you are able to check in which city you can buy the item at the lowest price. Remember, prices keep changing all the time.

How do I increase my food in Bannerlord?

First, invest some money in the reserve. This will significantly improve the construction time. Secondly, make sure that the Grain Storage option is pumped to level 3. Third, select the “Daily Watering” option.

How do I increase my castles food in Bannerlord?

Firstly, invest some Denar into the reserve. This dramatically improves construction time. Then make sure that the Granary option is either Level III or building up to Level III. Then, finally, select the Irrigation Daily Default option – this is what the city does when its other tasks are complete.

What does irrigation do in Bannerlord?

Irrigation. Provide irrigation, increasing production in connected villages.

How do I manage my town in Bannerlord?

You’ll need to station some of your troops in a city to ensure that opposing armies won’t invade your towns. To garrison your troops, you’ll need to visit the keep in your town and click the garrison troops option. Your troops in your party can then be assigned to stay in the town and defend it.

What is prosperity Bannerlord?

Prosperity measures the wealth of a town, village or castle. The prosperity of fiefs determines tax revenue and slightly affects prices of any goods sold there.

How do you increase prosperity in Bannerlord?

To increase the prosperity of your settlement in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, you have to increase your influence to be able to raise your taxes. The higher the taxes, the more daily gold you get for your settlement. Don’t overdo it, of course; you don’t want to provoke your people.

How can I increase my fiefs food?

To increase food production in your fief in Bannerlord, you have to upgrade your granary to at least level 3 as soon as possible. It also increases through village production, caravans in towns, Irrigation Daily Default, a Hunting Rights policy, etc.

How do you increase your town income in Bannerlord?

Build Aqueducts in towns to increase Prosperity, have high Loyalty and set the default to Build House, you can also enact the Imperial Towns policy if you’re the Ruler of the Kingdom. Prosperity is decreased by low food and Loyalty, as well as by some policies.

Can you take over a faction in Bannerlord?

Faction ownership is separate from culture, so it doesn’t matter what faction you captured it from. If you went with Arzagos, you can own any settlement. And that’s it!

How do you give City food in Bannerlord?

How do I get more cities in Bannerlord?

The indirect method of getting a settlement in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord involves being someone’s vassal. If your liege isn’t a complete idiot, they’ll eventually conquer towns or castles and, if you’re pulling your weight, you’ll receive some of them as your own.

Can you become king Bannerlord?

After choosing your side, you’ll get a quest tasking you with creating your own factions. Completing it is what you need to do in order to become king in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Its objectives involve reaching clan tier 3, leading at least 100 troops, being an independent clan and owning a settlement.