Is tap water safe to drink in Cincinnati?

While Cincinnati’s water quality is in compliance with all federal regulations and no further actions are required (because no more than 10% of samples exceed the Action Level), the EPA, CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics have acknowledged that there is no such thing as safe levels of lead.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Ohio?

Yes. Tap water is absolutely drinkable in Columbus, Ohio. The main signs of water quality are certainly its users.

Who has the best tap water in Ohio?

According to the annual Berkley Springs International Water Tasting, Hamilton, Ohio, has the best-tasting tap water. Each year the competition evaluates water samples from 46 states and more than 50 countries. Think of the judges like water sommeliers.

Does Cincinnati Ohio have hard water?

In Cincinnati, the average hardness of the water is 10 grains of dissolved minerals per gallon, which is classified as “hard” by the Water Quality Association. … Water softeners soften the water by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Where does Cincinnati water come from?

the Ohio River
Protecting Our Water Resources

Greater Cincinnati is fortunate to have a plentiful supply of water in both the Ohio River and the Great Miami Aquifer. The first step in providing the highest quality water to customers is to protect our source waters.

How can you tell if tap water is safe to drink?

Water that’s safe to drink should ideally be clear with no odor or funny taste. If your tap water tastes metallic, smells fishy, or comes out cloudy, it could signal the presence of unsafe contaminants.

How Clean Is Cincinnati water?

In fact, Cincinnati ranked eighth on’s list of cities with the best drinking water, with a clean water score of 90.83, while Hamilton, Ohio has won the top prize in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition – twice.

Does Cincinnati have soft water?

While Cincinnati has clean tap water, most home owners find steps are needed to soften their water, because while our tap water may be safe, it’s also known for carrying high amounts of magnesium and calcium than many other cities. Basically, Cincinnati has a hard water problem.

Is Ohio water hard or soft?

Ohio water is considered hard to very hard. The average water hardness for the Ohio resident is around 155 PPM. The city with the hardest water is Dayton, at 362 PPM.

Is there fluoride in Cincinnati water?


Fluoride is added to the water to protect teeth, as required by state law passed in 1969.

Where does Ohio get water?

In Ohio, many residents receive their drinking water from ground or surface water resources through private water systems such as wells, springs, ponds, rain water cisterns, and hauled water.

How does the city of Cincinnati ensure a safe supply of drinking water?

Greater Cincinnati Water Works supplies water from two sources: The Miller Treatment Plant treats surface water from the Ohio River. This plant supplies 88% of drinking water to GCWW’s customers.

What is the water quality in Cincinnati?

Their tap water tests detected GenX in Cincinnati’s drinking water at a level of 4.8 parts per trillion. But EPA guidelines for taking immediate action, such as issuing a health alert, are 700 parts per trillion. That means the levels the EWG measured represent less than 1% of the danger level, according to Swertfeger.

What city in Ohio has the cleanest water?

Montpelier wins World’s best drinking water. Montpelier, Ohio (WNWO)- You might as call Montpelier the tap water town.

Is Columbus drinking water safe?

This ongoing testing and research assures that Columbus drinking water will be of the highest quality, currently meeting all SDWA standards.

Where does Columbus Ohio get its water?

Columbus sources its drinking water from the Scioto River, Big Walnut Creek, and groundwater from the Scioto River Valley. The city is serviced by three water treatment plants that each take care of a certain area of the city.

Why is Hamilton Ohio water so good?

HAMILTON, Ohio – There is something in the water in Hamilton. Specifically, it’s chlorine dioxide – a mixture of chlorine gas and sodium chlorite. … “It’s a more sophisticated disinfectant system that requires a lot of knowledge to manage the generator that produces chlorine dioxide.”

Which country has the best tap water?

Switzerland is repeatedly recognized as a country with the best quality tap water in the world. The country has strict water treatment standards and superior natural resources with an average rainfall per year of 60.5 inches. In fact, 80% of the drinking water comes from natural springs and groundwater.

What state has the worst tap water?

Texas. Texas leads the nation with GDP growth and job creation, but it also tops the list with the worst public water ratings in the United States. The most polluted water systems are in the state’s small rural communities, where resources are scarce, and populations are often around 100 people per provider.

What state has the safest tap water?

The state of Rhode Island has the cleanest natural environment and tap water in the United States. The population of nearly 1 million people is the luckiest in the states.

What states have the cleanest tap water?

The cleanest drinking tap water is available in Rhode Island, South Dakota, Minnesota, New Hampshire, California, and a few other states where the infrastructure and healthcare system is the best and the overall economic progression is great too.

Is Tacoma tap water safe to drink?

Is Tacoma’s water safe to drink? Yes, the water provided by Tacoma Water is safe to drink.

What city has the best tasting tap water?

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (CBS13/AP) — A southern California water district has won the top prize for U.S. tap water at an international tasting contest.