Is 11C considered infantry?

In the Army, military occupational specialty (MOS) 11C, Indirect Fire Infantryman, is a member of a mortar squad, section or platoon. … The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. It’s equally important in peacetime and in combat.

Which is better 11C or 11B?

Army Indirect Fire Infantrymen (MOS 11C) serve on the mortar squad as opposed to MOS 11B which are more riflemen. … Army MOS 11C also scout enemy forces and neutralize land mines.

Does 11B see combat?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be deployed even if you do enlist as an 11B infantryman. Most people who deploy to imminent danger areas never see (combat).. They sit in a FOB twiddling their thumbs and eating all day, or their on ECP gate guard.

Can you choose between 11B and 11C?

It is both. You can choose in your contract, or you can sign 11X, which means the Army will choose for you. When I went in, we had 11B — light, 11C — mortar, 11D — scout, 11F — intel, 11H anti-armor, 11M — mechanized,…..all of these have since been collapsed into 11B in the last few decades.

Does 11C have blue cord?

The infantry blue cord is presented to all infantry-qualified soldiers in the U.S. Army at the end of their Advanced Individual Training. … Only those with an infantry military occupational specialty such as 11A (infantry officers), 11B, or 11C.

How long is 11C training?

Twenty-two weeks of One Station Unit Training, which includes Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field at Fort Benning, GA. Your skills are kept sharp with frequent squad maneuvers, target practice and war games.

What is an 11C in the Army?

Indirect Fire Infantryman (11C)

As the main land combat force of the Army, Infantrymen capture or destroy opposing ground forces, repel enemy attacks and operate weapons and equipment in order to engage and eliminate the enemy. During peacetime, it’s the Infantry’s job to be ready to jump to the defense of our country.

What mos sees the most combat?

Infrastructure, Support, and Combat Units

By far, the biggest branch of the military is the Army. They’re going to be involved in the majority of land-based operations, so the infantry often sees combat.

Is Army infantry hard?

The infantry is a physically demanding career field, as it is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. It’s also the starting point for many advanced schools such as: Special Forces, Airborne School, Ranger School, Sniper School, and Pathfinder School.

Do Mortarman carry guns?

They carry and fire mortars during combat to protect their ground troops. Mortarmen belong to the weapons group of the infantry battalion or the rifle and light armored reconnaissance company.

Is Mortarman an infantry?

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Indirect fire infantrymen, colloquially known as mortarmen, are often shunned in the community of grunts. However, in those days, mortarmen were not considered part of the infantry, but instead the artillery. …

What is 11C size?

SizeHeel to Toe Length (in)Heel to Toe Length (cm)

What do machine gunners do in the Marines?

Machine Gunners provide direct fire in support of the Infantry Rifle squads/platoons/companies. They are located in the weapons platoons of the rifle and weapons company in the infantry battalion. Noncommissioned Officers are assigned as team leaders and squad leaders/section leaders.

Where do Mortarman get stationed?

First-term mortarmen are most likely to be stationed with a weapons company or weapons platoon of a Marine infantry battalion: If a Regular —

How much does a infantry soldier make?

The average salary for an infantry soldier in the United States is around $30,588 per year.

How can I get 0331?

To become a guaranteed 0331 you have to join the reserves, but if you want active duty you have to sign an 03 open contract. From there you finish boot camp and go to ITB. If your company in ITB trains 0331’s then you have to not fail anything and have a pretty good pt score before the split.

Are machine gunners big?

Machine gunners have bigger muscles

Make no mistake, there are some skinny machine gunners out there who do the job just as well as their bodybuilding brothers, but they usually end up becoming just as bulky over time. The brain of a machine gunner can be found in their arms.

How much weight does a machine gunner carry?

70 – 100 lbs.
How much weight does a machine gunner carry? While the average Marine in the Marine Corps may carry 60 lbs. of gear, machine gunners typically carry anywhere from 70 – 100 lbs.

What Mos is 11B?

Army Infantryman
When you think of the U.S. Army, probably the first job you think of within the branch is an Army Infantryman – MOS 11B. Army Infantrymen (11B) are the main land combat force, and known as “Eleven Bravo.” The incredibly important role in the U.S. Army is responsible for defending the country through real-life combat.

What is a mortarman in the Marines?

MOS Description. Mortarmen are responsible for the tactical employment of the M224, 60mm Light Mortar and M252, 81mm Medium Mortar. Mortarmen provide indirect fire in support of the rifle and LAR squads/platoons/companies and the infantry and LAR battalions.

How much ammo does a machine gunner carry?

The gunner has the option of using 30-round M16 magazines or linked ammunition from pre-loaded 200-round plastic magazines. The gunner’s basic load is 600 rounds of linked ammunition.

How often do 11B deploy?

Your Guard unit may only deploy every three to five years, but the Soldiers are often transferred to deploying units. During the height of the war Soldiers were often deployed every other year.

How much does an 11B make?

Infantry 11B Salaries
Job TitleSalary
US Army 11B Infantry Army salaries – 5 salaries reported$36,041/yr
US Army 11B Infantry salaries – 3 salaries reported$28,538/yr
US Army 11B Infantry salaries – 1 salaries reported$2,047/mo
US Army 11b/Infantry salaries – 1 salaries reported$31,329/yr

How do you guarantee 11B?

You cannot enlist with a guarantee for MOS 11B. Instead, you enlist under the Army’s 11X – Infantry Enlistment Option, and during training, you will be designated as either MOS 11B, Infantryman, or MOS 11C, Indirect Fire Infantryman. But you have to earn it, meeting the standards along the journey while in training.