Who is R-Truth’s girlfriend?

Pamela Killings
Spouse(s)Pamela Killings ​ ( m. 2011)​
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)K. Malik Shabaz K-Kwik K-Krush Ron Killings R-Truth R–Ziggler

What is R-Truth real name?

Ronnie Aaron Killings
Ron Killings/Full name

How old is r-truth today?

49 years (January 19, 1972)
Ron Killings/Age

How much money does r-truth make?

What is the salary of R-Truth? As per his WWE contract, R-Truth net worth is $3 million and he earns an annual salary of around $550,000.

Where is R-Truth now?

R-Truth is currently under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment performing at the Smackdown brand. He holds the 24-7 Champion currently.

How old is Sheamus WWE?

43 years (January 28, 1978)

How much money does Dolph Ziggler make a year?

Due to all these accomplishments, Ziggler is among the highest-paid WWE Superstars today. The former World Champion earns an annual salary of one and a half million dollars.

What is the salary of Roman Reigns?

In 2020, Reigns was worth $13 million in 2020. The 36-year-old Samoan has taken over Randy Orton and even Goldberg when it comes to grabbing the biggest paychecks in WWE. According to the Mirror, the reigning Universal Champion earns $5 million as his base salary.

How old is Drew Mcintyre?

36 years (June 6, 1985)
Drew McIntyre/Age

Who is wife of Dolph Ziggler?

Tammy Sytch– In 2010, Dolph had been seen going around with American adult movie actress Sytch is widely known by her ring name Sunny. She was a professional wrestling manager, valet, ring announcer.

Who is Alexa Bliss married to?

MUSICIAN Ryan Cabrera proposed to his girlfriend WWE star Alexa Bliss one year after meeting. Alexa Bliss has a new man in her life. The blonde bombshell is mainly associated with the SmackDown Brand.

How old is WWE Dolph Ziggler?

41 years (July 27, 1980)
Dolph Ziggler/Age

Are Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler together?

Backstage reason why WWE split up Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville and sent him to RAW revealed. … Tom noted that Ziggler’s role in the feud was diminishing with each passing week, and it should also be noted that he was not a part of the segment between Rose and Deville on the most recent episode of SmackDown.

Who is Bobby Roode married to?

Bobby Roode/Spouse

Is Dolph Ziggler married to Mandy Rose?

Ziggler is currently single while Mandy Rose is in a relationship with her boyfriend Tino Sabbatelli. Their romantic angle is long over now, but it was a good little reminder of a very fun and exciting storyline from last year.

Who is Charlotte Flair’s husband?

Thom Latimer

m. 2013–2015
Riki Johnson

m. 2010–2013
Charlotte Flair/Husband

Who is undertakers wife?

Sara Calaway

m. 2000–2007
Jodi Lynn

m. 1989–1999
The Undertaker/Wife

Who is Seth Rollins wife?

Seth Rollins/Wife

Does Charlotte Flair have a sister?

Charlotte Flair/Sisters

Who is Randy Orton wife?

Samantha Speno

m. 2007–2013
Randy Orton/Wife

Is Charlotte flair married now?

Thom Latimer

m. 2013–2015
Riki Johnson

m. 2010–2013
Charlotte Flair/Spouse