Where did the keep calm meme come from?

The phrase originated as a slogan in the spring before World War II. Anticipating the dark days ahead, the British government designed a poster to hang in areas being targeted by German bombers.

Where does the phrase carry on come from?

Origin of To Carry On

It seems to have come from the British Navy, where it was a direction to keep going on the same course and not change. The phrase became extremely popular during World War II in the Keep Calm and Carry On slogans and posters.

What did keep calm and carry on mean?

Commonly featured on posters, clothing, novelty items, and internet memes, keep calm and carry on is a popular slogan calling for persistence in the face of challenge. It was first used on a British propaganda poster during World War II but now enjoys general currency as an expression of resilience.

Was the Keep Calm and Carry On poster ever used?

It was kept in reserve only to be used if the country was invaded – after the war the entire series of posters was pulped. With only a few rare copies in existence, the phrase effectively remained unknown for 60 years, until an original of the poster was discovered in a bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland in 2000.

What is the meaning of the phrase carry on?

: to continue doing, pursuing, or operating carry on research carried on the business. intransitive verb. 1 : to continue especially in spite of hindrance or discouragement chose to carry on despite the weather.

Where did keep calm and chive on come from?

The KCCO phrase originated with different wording. During World War II, the British government posted posters with “keep calm and carry on” to boost citizen morale after air attacks on England’s cities. It has morphed into a modern pop culture reference revolving around the website theCHIVE.

Is the Keep Calm saying copyrighted?

The slogan was originally Crown copyright but is now in the public domain because more than 50 years have elapsed since an unknown civil servant thought it up.

What does the We Can Do It poster represent?

“We Can Do It!” is an American World War II wartime poster produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost female worker morale. … After its rediscovery, observers often assumed that the image was always used as a call to inspire women workers to join the war effort.

Is Bill Murray associated with theCHIVE?

In 2008, brothers Leo and John Resig founded their insanely popular Web site The Chive based on three pillars: “humor, hotness and humanity.” John puts it succinctly: “It started because we owed Bill Murray a lot of money.” …

Who started theCHIVE?

Leo Resig
Leo Resig is the co-owner and CEO of Resignation Media, LLC, the parent company of The Chive, theBERRY.com, theBRIGADE.com, theTHROTTLE.com and TheChivery.com. He started the flagship site, theCHIVE in November 2008 with his brother John Resig.

Why is it called theCHIVE?

John and Leo Resig founded Resignation Media, LLC in August 2007 and then launched thechive.com in November, 2008. Initially, it was claimed that the website’s name came from combining ‘Chicago’ and ‘Venice’ Beach; however, Resig later admitted that the name was actually inspired by The Onion.

Why does the chive love Bill Murray?

Murray first got involved with theChive following sales of t-shirts that featured the comedian’s face. When Murray caught wind of the widely successful t-shirt line, all he asked was that theChive sponsor his annual charity golf tournament in exchange for capitalizing on his image. … Images provided by theCHIVE.

How much is theCHIVE worth?

John Resig net worth: John Resig is an American internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $50 million. John Resig is most famous for being the co-founder and co-owner of the popular website theCHIVE.com.

What does FLBP stand for chive?

future lower back problems
Women (called “Chivettes”) submit seductive photos of themselves in the hopes of being featured in a reoccurring slideshow titled “FLBP” for “future lower back problems.” The Chive says this is “an outlet for attractive ladies from around the world to strut their stuff.” It’s a mission that sounds almost humanitarian.

What is chives called in India?

Common Name: Chives. Botanical Name: Allium schoenoprasum. Indian Names: Vegetable Type: Bulb vegetable.

When was The Chive created?

The Chive/Dates launched
leo. Leo Resig is the co-owner and CEO of theCHIVE.com and theBERRY.com. He started theCHIVE in November 2008 with his brother John whom he shares the same love for ridiculously funny and bizarre photos.