Where is the giant phantom in AJ?

The Giant Phantom (sometimes referred to as the Phlob) is a large blob phantom that sits in the entrance of the Arctic Wolf Ice Cave in the Phantom Dimension.

Where is the phantom dimension Ajpw?

The Phantom Dimension is an area that can be accessed through a Phantom Portal. The Phantom Portal in the Lost Temple of Zios closed on January 30, 2019, and the Phantom Dimension can now only be accessed through the Phantom Portal and Opal Phantom Portal den item.

Where is the phantom salesman in Ajpw today?

This shop is positioned in the Lost Temple of Zios in the Phantom Dimension and is owned by the Spiky Phantom.

How do you get phantom plushies in Ajpw?

The Phantom Plushie is a den item. It was originally released in February 2016. The plushie can be won by random chance in The Superclaw machine, which costs 5 Gems to play.

How do you get the phantom portal Ajpw in 2021?

The Phantom Dimension can be accessed through a Phantom Portal item that players can put in their den. You can buy your own in the Saphire Shop. Once in the Dimension, you can use the Paintseeds that you can collect from Paintseed trees to battle the Phantoms.

How do you beat the Phantom King on Animal Jam?

A Phantom King can be defeated after hitting it ten times with Boomseeds. A Phantom King deals damage equal to one and a half of the player’s hearts.