What’s the definition of sharpening?

: to make sharp or sharper especially : hone. intransitive verb. : to become sharp or sharper.

What type of word is sharpened?

sharpen verb [T] (ABLE TO CUT)

figurative The company is cutting production costs in an attempt to sharpen its competitive edge (= in order to improve how competitive it is). I need to sharpen that knife. She sharpened the blade. He sharpened the edge of the stick to a point.

Is it sharpening or sharpening?

If your senses, understanding, or skills sharpen or are sharpened, you become better at noticing things, thinking, or doing something. If you sharpen an object, you make its edge very thin or you make its end pointed.

What is the synonym of sharpener?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sharpener, like: carborundum, honer, steel, stapler, file, whetstone, ballpen, scissors, hone, snakestone and strop.

Is sharpened a adjective?

Having a sharp point or edge.

What is the synonym of sharp?

perceptive, discerning, percipient, perspicacious, penetrative, piercing, penetrating, discriminating, sensitive, incisive, keen, keen-witted, acute, sharp-witted, quick, quick-witted, clever, shrewd, astute, intelligent, intuitive, bright, agile, nimble, nimble-witted, alert, quick off the mark, ready, apt, fine, …

What is the synonym of honed?

(verb) in the sense of sharpen. Synonyms. sharpen. edge. file.

Which is the closest antonym for the word hone?

antonyms for hone in
  • disarrange.
  • disorganize.
  • disperse.
  • divide.
  • ignore.
  • scatter.
  • separate.
  • neglect.

What is a synonym for improved?

Some common synonyms of improve are ameliorate, better, and help.

Is it honed in or homed in?

Both are used, but home in does a better job of hitting the mark.

What’s another word for people centric?

•Other relevant words: (noun)

humanistic, humanitarian, human-centered.

Has been created synonym?

Created Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for created?
erectedbrought into being
brought into existencebrought to pass
catalyzedUScaused to be

Is it honing or homing in?

To find something or get closer to something, you home in on it. To sharpen something is to hone it. When you get closer to finding a difficult truth or finding a hiding criminal, you home in on them, just as a homing device allows you to find something.

Is hone a Scrabble word?

Yes, hone is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is it in home or in home?

Originally Answered: Which is correct, at home or in home? “At home” is right. “Home” is not a specific place; it varies from person to person. “In” is used for specific places that don’t change, like “I am in the Kroger on the corner.” Since your home is not everyone’s home, it would be “At home.” Hope it helped!

Do you hone a skill?

The verb hone means to sharpen skills. When you practice shooting baskets every day after school, you are honing your skills as a basketball player. Hone, the verb, literally means to sharpen with a hone, a whetstone used to sharpen cutting tools.

Is it at the hospital or in the hospital?

In the hospital” implies that the person is there because they are sick/hurt and/or are receiving some kind of treatment, “at the hospital” implies that the person is there to visit someone else or that they work there.

Is it work or at work?

In work” means I have a job. I might not be there currently, but I have employment. “At work” means I am currently doing my job, or at least on the premises of my job. So if we say: he is bored at work.

Is it in the office or at the office?

The preposition “in” in “I am in the office” implies that the office is a room and you are inside that room. The word “at”, on the other hand, conveys the general idea of the location of one’s office and is often interchangeable with “at work”. To sum it up: I am in my/the office.

Why don t the British say the before hospital?

Originally Answered: Why do the British say “in hospital” instead of “in the hospital?” The short answer is that “in hospital” and “to hospital” are a natural lexical collocation of British speech. In other words, it’s a combination of words that are commonly used together in British speech.

Why don t the British say the hospital?

It is not necessary to say “go to the hospital” or “go on the holiday”, when talking in a general sense. Use of the word ‘the’, means that the sentence is in a particular sense. A reference to one, particular example. “go to the hospital” will mean going to one, particular hospital.

Where does surgery take place?

The operating room, sometimes called the OR or surgery center, is where surgery (say: SUR-juh-ree) takes place in a hospital. Having surgery is also called having an operation. When someone has surgery, a special doctor called a surgeon (say: SUR-jun) works on or inside the body to fix something that is wrong.

Why do British drop articles?

Why do the British drop “the” in front of certain nouns? It is standard English language procedure to drop the article before certain nouns, regardless of country. (There: country instead of the country.) It is natural that some differences have emerged, as different nations don’t have identical uses for language.