Is BGE The best mirror setting?

Blind spots are areas you cannot see in either your mirrors or peripheral vision. The BGE mirror is always the best mirror setting. … To correctly adjust the left sideview mirrors using the BGE setting, the driver will need to place his/her head against the left side window.

What are the three main advantages of the BGE mirror setting?

  • Enables you to see the vehicle in the lane next to you.
  • Reduces the amount of blind spots to the side of vehicle.
  • Eliminates the glare from the headlights of the vehicle behind you.

What is a BGE method?

The BGE setting requires turning the field of view of each outside mirror outward by about 15 degrees from the blindzone setting. For the driver’s side mirror, this can be done by placing your head against the side window as shown in Graphic C and then setting the mirror to just see the side of the car.

What does the BGE stand for what does it help reduce?

By setting your mirrors in the BGE (blind, glare elimination) settings, with side view mirrors 7 degrees out, you can greatly reduce your blind spots.

How do you adjust your passenger side mirror into BGE?

Are U turns legal in Washington state?

In short, Washington drivers can make a U-turn anywhere they can safely execute the turn as long as there are not posted signs expressly forbidding the maneuver. A U-turn “made in safety” must not: Impede other traffic. Be done on a hill or curve.

Should you slow to a crawl on the ramp?

To reduce risk when entering the roadway you should slow to a crawl on the ramp. A green arrow over a lane means that lane is open for travel. Search patterns need to be lengthened (10 to 20 seconds ahead) with higher speeds.

What symbol warns that there is something wrong with your alternator?

Battery Warning

A box with a + and – symbol indicates an issue with your battery and/or charging system. This could be a bad or declining battery or a problem with the alternator. Continuing to drive with this light on could leave you stranded if you run down your battery or your alternator is not working correctly.