How do I file an extension for unemployment?

To file for an extension, go to “Services for Individuals”, then “Unemployment Services”, and then “File a Claim”. You will receive the message below. Click “Next” to start the filing process. During registration, when you reach this question, mark that you are an “Exhaustee”.

Can you reapply for unemployment?

To continue receiving benefits, you must reopen your claim. You can reopen your claim if it was filed within the last 52 weeks and you have not used all of your benefits. If your benefit year has ended, you may need to reapply for unemployment.

What happens when your benefit year ends with unemployment during Covid?

“If you reached the end of your benefit year, you must file a new claim on the day AFTER your benefit year ends,” the agency said in a tweet. The agency recommended workers continue to request a payment while the claim is being processed, and said all eligible payments will be issued once the new claim has been vetted.