Is pepita a Spanish word?

pepita: grain of seed; small seed.

What is pepita slang for?

English Translation. nugget. More meanings for pepita. nugget noun.

What language is the word pepita?

Pepita in 16th-century Spanish meant “naturally occurring nugget or lump of metal, especially gold,” an extension of its original meaning “seed, kernel.” The more recent sense of pepita, “the edible seed of a pumpkin or squash,” arose in the early 1940s.

What is Pepito in English?

Pepito means “little Pepe” Would be used for a Child or for someone who you are affectionate with, a b/f, sibling, close friend.

What does pepita mean in Uruguay?

pepita f (plural pepite) nugget, especially of gold or platinum.

Does pepita mean seed?

Pepitas make a great, inexpensive substitution for pine nuts in pestos and salads, and they’re both seeds, but they’re not the same. They both have a sweet, mild flavor and contain a lot of oil, but pepitas are the seeds of a pumpkin whereas pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees.

What does Pelito mean in Spanish?

short, tender hair, whisker.

What does Peito mean in Spanish?

Translation of peito – Portuguese–English dictionary

booby [noun] (slang) a woman’s breast. bosom [noun] a woman’s breasts.

What does Pupito mean in Spanish?

púlpito → pulpit, rostrum.