How many GM norms does Tania Sachdev have?

two GM norms
“I have two GM norms, so definitely getting the final norm is a goal but the bigger goal is improving my overall game. If that happens then along the way norms and ratings will come,” she said.

Does Tania Sachdev live with her husband?

Tania Sachdev – Friends, we are writing about Tania Sachdev. Friends Tania Sachdev is Indian Women Chess Player.

Tania Sachdev Love Affair.
TaniaLove Affair
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendViraj Kataria
first crushNot Know
HusbandViraj Kataria
Nov 13, 2019

Is Tania Sachdev a mother?

Her mother’s name is Anju Sachdev, who is a homemaker and was a state-level Badminton player during her college days. Tania has two siblings – an elder brother who is a professionally a golf player and an elder sister, Amrita Sachdev.

Real NameTania Sachdev
AddressDelhi, India

Where is Tania Sachdev from?

Tania Sachdev/Place of birth

What is Tania Sachdev age?

35 years (August 20, 1986)
Tania Sachdev/Age

Is Samay dating Tania?

There is no information related to his girlfriend. Samay Raina is Single.

Who is Sania Sachdev?

She is a two-time Indian women’s chess champion in 2006 and 2007, one-time Asian women’s chess champion in 2007 and three-time and current Commonwealth Women’s Chess Champion in 2016, 2018 and 2019. She is also a chess presenter and commentator.

Who is Tania Sachdev husband?

Tania Sachdev/Husband

Is Samay Raina a grandmaster?

As of 13 December 2021, Raina has an ELO rating of 1752 at rapid chess, while the highest recorded rating was 1872 on

Chess and Comedians on Board (COB)
SeasonComedians on Board (COB) #2
Dates1-3 July 2020
WinnerAnirban DasGupta
Runner-up 1Samay Raina
Runner-up 2Biswa Kalyan Rath

Is Viraj Kataria married?

Viraj Kataria/Spouse

When was Tania Sachdev born?

August 20, 1986 (age 35 years)
Tania Sachdev/Date of birth

How good is Vidit Gujrathi?

As of August 2021, he is the second highest rated player in India (behind Viswanathan Anand), and is the fourth Indian player to have crossed the Elo rating threshold of 2700.
Vidit Gujrathi
FIDE rating2727 (January 2022)
Peak rating2727 (August 2021)
RankingNo. 22 (January 2022)
Peak rankingNo. 22 (March 2020)

Is Koneru Humpy married?

Koneru Humpy/Spouse

What does Viraj Kataria do?

Viraj Kataria is an architect at Achal Kataria Architects who specialise in hospitality, educational buildings and master planning. Viraj has an interest in reinventing our outlook towards spaces, for instance planning a hospital like a place of wellbeing rather than as a typical hospital.

What is the age of Vidit Gujrathi?

27 years (October 24, 1994)
Vidit Gujrathi/Age

Who is Koneru Humpy husband?

Koneru Humpy/Husband

Which Indian chess player become the second female player ever?

Koneru Humpy
In October 2007, Koneru became the second female player, after Polgár, to exceed the 2600 Elo rating mark, being rated 2606.
Koneru Humpy
Born31 March 1987 Andhra Pradesh, India
TitleGrandmaster (2002)
World ChampionWomen’s World Rapid Chess Championships (2019)

Who was the first Indian lady grandmaster?

Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi
Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi
Born25 March 1979 Madras
TitleInternational Master (2001) Woman Grandmaster (2001)
FIDE rating2332 (March 2020)

Where is Koneru Humpy from?

Koneru Humpy/Place of birth

Who is the first official world chess champion?

Wilhelm Steinitz
The first event generally recognized as a world championship was the 1886 match between the two leading players in the world, Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort. Steinitz won, becoming the first world champion.

What is the age of Koneru Humpy?

34 years (March 31, 1987)
Koneru Humpy/Age