Can I put my Dakine backpack in the washing machine?

If your Dakine bag gets dirty, we recommend hand washing with mild soap (like Nikwax Tech Wash), cold water and a soft bristle brush. If hand washing is not going to do the trick, use a front loader washing machine. … Always use cold water, mild soap and run on a gentle cycle. Never bleach your pack.

Can you put a backpack in the laundry?

Place the backpack inside a pillowcase or laundry bag to prevent straps or zippers from getting tangled or caught inside the washer. Add a small amount of mild detergent (fill to the first line of the detergent cap) and run a gentle cycle.

Are Dakine backpacks waterproof?

The Dakine Packable Rolltop Dry Bag 30L is a waterproof backpack made of tear-resistant Cordura Ripstop. The bag is practical and very lightweight .

Does Dakine make good backpacks?

The Dakine Explorer is right in the middle of size at 26L but feels roomy thanks to its great organization pockets. It is a super comfy laptop backpack. With this bag, comfort is critical, as it seems custom made for carrying all of your textbooks around at school.

How do you wash a backpack in the washing machine?

Secure the unzipped backpack inside a mesh laundry bag or an old pillowcase, or turn it inside-out. This will protect the hardware on the backpack. 2. Using a small amount of bleach-free gentle detergent, wash your backpack on your washing machine’s gentle or delicate cycle with cold water.

How do you disinfect a backpack?

To disinfect a backpack or gym bag, skip the chlorine bleach, which can damage the fabric. Instead, choose a pine oil, phenolic disinfectant, or disinfectant wipe. Pine oil disinfectants are effective in warm water.

Where are Dakine backpacks made?

Hood River, Oregon
Hood in Hood River, Oregon, Dakine builds backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for people who love to surf, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, ski, windsurf, kiteboard and travel.

Is Dakine a cool brand?

Dakine quickly has risen up to become a cult brand. At that time like today Dakine convinced with power, best wearing comfort and durability – always in combination with quality, cool designs and great color schemes. Early pictures show: at that time Kaplan and his Dakine crew were great fashion professionals!

Are Dakine backpacks good for school?

The pack is ideal for school, university as well as work. It offers a padded laptop compartment as well as an insulated compartment that keeps food and… The Campus M 25L from Dakine is a compact laptop backpack with practical features. The pack is ideal for school, university as well as work.

Is Dakine going out of business?

Hood River outdoor gear maker Dakine is closing its office there, laying off 39 and moving its headquarters to Southern California. … “We will be transitioning operations a number of employees to our global headquarters in Southern California,” the company wrote.

Who makes Dakine backpacks?

Billabong International Limited
History. Dakine was founded in 1979 in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii, by Rob Kaplan. In 1986 Dakine moved its base of operations to Hood River, Oregon, U.S., and has remained there since. In August 2009, Dakine was acquired by Billabong International Limited.

What are Dakine backpacks made of?

polyester fibers
Dakine has been using recycled PET materials for a long time and every year we strive to use more without sacrificing durability. Our PET polyester fibers come from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles and get used in products from backpacks to apparel.

Who owns the Dakine company?

Dakine/Parent organizations
(BRAIN) — Dakine, an outdoor sports lifestyle brand that offers bike clothes and bags, has been acquired by Marquee Brands LLC, a brand management company that owns the Bruno Magli and Body Glove brands, among others.

What does Kine mean in Hawaiian?

the kind
It’s a widely used expression in Hawaii pidgin English. Roughly translated, it means “the kind,” similar to the pidgin expression any kine, which itself means “any kind.” But da kine’s meaning is more complex.

How is Dakine pronounced?

Is Dakine still in Hood River?

Dakine is ending its 34-year presence in Hood River. The Torrance, Calif., based sports equipment company will vacate its Portway offices and move its global headquarters to California.

Is Dakine a women’s brand?

Dakine women’s collection is more than fashion – it’s an expression of your life style. As a sporty fashionista you are going to love Dakine’s clothing and individual styles and fashion trends. The unique combination of premium quality materials and timeless designs is the secret of Dakine women’s fashion.

Who is the CEO of Dakine?