What happened to Robby Gordon?

Even now, Gordon continues his pursuit of checkered flags, most notably in off-road racing as well as the Stadium Super Trucks series that he founded in 2013 and still owns. Borrowing from Thompson’s playbook, Gordon created a niche that has proven to be both popular and successful.

When did Robby Gordon retire from NASCAR?

Robby Gordon
Finished last season2nd (2021)
Championship titles
2013–2014Stadium Super Trucks
NASCAR Cup Series career

Where does Robby Gordon get his money?

Robby Gordon earned his net worth as a champion race car driver with NASCAR as well as a reality television star in the series that chronicles his life in racecar driving.

Is Robby Gordon racing in Dakar 2021?

The 2021 Dakar Rally is officially underway, and Robby Gordon is competing once again. … First and foremost, he kicked off his Dakar career in the Volkswagen Touareg before moving to Hummer in the following season. While there, he raced in the Hummer for nearly 10-11 years in South America.

Does Robby Gordon have a son?

What engine is in Robby Gordon trophy truck?

430ci V8
Engine:430ci V8 Chevrolet EFI – 725HP – Leon Patton
Transmission:Culhane TH-400
Fuel Cell:
Steering:Team Gordon

Is Robby Gordon Racing in Dakar 2020?

Robby Gordon will contest the next edition of the famous Dakar rally in a Hummer H3 to be run by his own team. The American driver will compete in the event for the 8th time, and this will be his seventh with a Hummer.

Who drives #18 Nascar?

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch
Awards2004 NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year 2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Rookie of the Year 2016 ESPY Awards Best Driver 2019 ESPY Awards Best Driver
NASCAR Cup Series career
606 races run over 18 years
Car no., teamNo. 18 (Joe Gibbs Racing)

Who drives Napa Nascar?

Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott: No. 24 NAPA Chevrolet driver.

Has Robby Gordon won Dakar?

Gordon has achieved success in every form of motorsport he has taken part in. In fact, he’s the only driver in the world who has recorded race wins in NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, stadium and off-road racing (including the legendary Baja 1000), as well as several stage wins in the Dakar Rally.

Are Jeff Gordon and Robby Gordon related?

The best young race driver in America is named Gordon — but is it Jeff or Robby? Both youngsters, who are unrelated, will be moving up to stock cars this year: Jeff from midgets and sprint cars, Robby from sports cars and off-road trucks.

How rich is Tony Stewart?

Tony Stewart makes the list of the top ten richest NASCAR drivers because of his estimated net worth that totals approximately $100 million. Stewart has acclaimed great fame for being the only driver in racing history to win a championship in NASCAR, IndyCar racing, and Silver Crown cars.

Has Robby Gordon won the Baja 1000?

Gordon is a three-time winner of the Baja 1000 (1989, 1990, 2006) while Mears’ father Roger was recently enshrined into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame; an encounter between the two at the induction ceremony led to Gordon inviting Mears to his team.

Who makes Speed Energy Drink?

Robby Gordon
Speed Energy, officially branded as SPEED Energy, is an energy drink produced by American racing driver Robby Gordon.

Speed Energy.
FoundersRobby Gordon Steven Nichols
ProductsEnergy drink
OwnersRobby Gordon

How old is Robby Gordon?