Who sang Venus in 1959?


What happened to Mariska Veres?

THE HAGUE, Dec. 7 (Agence France-Presse) — Mariska Veres, a lead singer for the Dutch group Shocking Blue, which had a worldwide hit in 1970 with its song “Venus,” died here on Saturday. She was 59. The cause was cancer, Dutch news organizations reported.

What ever happened to shocking blue?

In 1974, Robbie Van Leeuwen quit, and Mariska Veres left later that year, leading to the band’s split. Veres enjoyed a solo career until 1982. … Mariska Veres died of gallbladder cancer on 2 December 2006 at age 59 in The Hague, Netherlands. Bassist Klaasje van der Wal died on 12 February 2018 at age 69.

Did Frankie Avalon sing Venus?

“Venus” is a song written by Ed Marshall. The most successful and best-known recording of the track was done by Frankie Avalon and released in 1959, where it reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Who sang the original version of Venus?


Can Mariska speak English?

Originally, vocalist Mariska Veres could not speak English and was singing phonetically; this was the reason for her occasional stumble over the lyrics, such as the opening line of their 1970 hit song “Venus”: “God-ness on a mountaintop . . .”. …

Was Frankie Avalon on The Honeymooners?

His paternal grandmother was from Sicily. In December 1952, Avalon made his American network television debut playing the trumpet in the Honeymooners “Christmas Party” sketch on The Jackie Gleason Show. Two singles showcasing Avalon’s trumpet playing were issued on RCA Victor’s “X” sublabel in 1954.

What movie is the song Venus?


Who was married to Annette Funicello?

Glen Holt

m. 1986–2013
Jack Gilardi

m. 1965–1981
Annette Funicello/Spouse

Did Frankie Avalon date Annette Funicello?

Annette Funicello, the most famous of Walt Disney’s original Mouseketeers who died Monday at 70 after a long battle with multiple sclerosis, was not allowed to date until she was sweet 16. But she made up for lost time, falling for fellow singers Fabian Forte and Frankie Avalon when she came of age.

Who did Frankie Avalon marry?

Frankie Avalon/Spouse

How old is Bobby Rydell?

79 years (April 26, 1942)
Bobby Rydell/Age

What happened to Darlene from the Mickey Mouse Club?

She was sentenced to two years in prison, but was released after serving only three months. In 2005, she and her husband were indicted on federal charges of filing multiple fraudulent claims in the settlement of a class-action lawsuit. The charges have since been dropped. Fraschilla died in 2008.

Where was Annette Funicello buried?

April 12, 2013
Annette Funicello/Date of burial

What is Fabian Forte doing now?

Fabian hosted and headlined in the hit show, The Original Stars of Bandstand at The Dick Clark Theater in Branson, Missouri. … Today, Fabian lives on 20 acres in Southwestern Pennsylvania in a home which his wife designed. In 2013, he was still performing about 25 shows a year.

Who died from the Mickey Mouse Club?

Tiffini Hale
Tiffini Hale, a former star of “The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” has died. She was 46. Hale was an original cast member of “The All New Mickey Mouse Club” in 1989 and was later a member of the Disney-created pop music group The Party.

Are Spin and Marty still alive?

How old is Darlene Gillespie?

80 years (April 8, 1941)
Darlene Gillespie/Age