What is Bixby and how do you use it?

Bixby is a voice assistant similar to Apple’s Siri that’s been exclusive to Samsung devices since 2017. You can start Bixby several ways, including by pressing the Bixby key on the side of your device. If there’s no Bixby key, you can also configure your device to launch Bixby from the side or power button.

Is Bixby worth using?

It’s a powerful tool, and even if you don’t use Bixby much, it’s worth checking out if there’s anything you can automate to save yourself time. It’s also worth noting Bixby Routines is only available on the Galaxy S10 range and later.

How do I activate my Bixby voice?

Enable Bixby Key (Android 8. x)
  1. From the. Bixby. screen, tap the. Settings icon. .
  2. Tap the. On switch. to enable the. Bixby. key functionality. Alternatively, navigate: Menu icon. Settings. Bixby key. then tap. Press to open. Bixby. Home. Press and hold to open. Bixby. Voice. .

What can Bixby do for me?

Bixby is designed to let you carry out a full range of interactions, rather than launching an app, for example, or carrying out a single task. Bixby is contextually aware, meaning that it can recognise the state that the app is in and take the right actions based on your requests, also letting you mix voice or touch.

Does Bixby drain battery?

Both do not significantly drain your battery, using the battery monitor that comes with stock android neither the assistant or bixby tend to use much power in comparison to other apps with regular use, and that makes sense as most of the calculations are on the server side, the client side just displays the information …

Is Bixby a spy?

It is not. In order to fully use Bixby, you need to be logged into your Samsung account — and that’s where the spying takes place! Samsung records EVERYTHING you say, photograph, and do on your phone. You have no right to review, edit, or delete ANYTHING you do with Bixby.

Is Bixby better than Google?

– Google Assistant excels in response time and handling internet search queries better than any other virtual assistant out there, including Samsung Bixby. … Bixby, on the other hand, is pretty good at executing voice commands related to phone and control functions within certain apps like Uber, Expedia, and so on.

How do I get Bixby to read my text messages?

What is the difference between Bixby and Siri?

As a result of This, Bixby excels in producing Samsung tablets that function hands-free, While Siri is excellent for detail-oriented work and also can be lodged in the Apple device ecosystem, consumers could find Samsung Bixby to become a much more sensible smart assistant.

How do I stop Bixby from listening?

Tap and hold on an empty section of your home screen, and then swipe right to reach the leftmost panel, which is Bixby Home. To get rid of it, toggle the button up top to the off position.

Does Bixby do speech to text?

Bixby is a typing machine. Not only can it send texts, it can also type out just about anything, whether you are using Messages, Samsung Notes, or Samsung Internet. All you have to do is turn on the Dictate feature.

Can Bixby send emails?

When Bixby includes Voice, you’ll be able to make a phone call, send an email or a text, search the web, or even update your Facebook status and calendar with voice commands.

What is Bixby vision?

Bixby Vision is a feature that allows you to get information about the world around you simply by opening your camera. Open the Camera app, select Auto mode, and tap the Bixby Vision button. … You have the option of adding Bixby Vision icons to the Home screen or Apps screen so you can tap from there.

Can Bixby play my music?

Press and hold the Bixby key or Side key to call Bixby, and then say “Play music.” You may be prompted to sign into your Spotify account. Once you do, Bixby and Spotify will be officially linked. If you prefer Samsung Music or YouTube Music, Bixby still works with them.

Can I use Bixby to make a call?

Bixby Voice works as you’d expect when it comes to making calls. Say something like, “Call mom on mobile” and it’ll start a phone call. For incoming calls, you can say, “Accept” or “Decline,” though it’s just as easy to tap the screen. You can also easily add a contact or see someone’s info just by asking.

Can Bixby translate pictures?

If you need some help understanding a picture or image, Bixby Vision is here for you. Now your Galaxy phone can easily translate text, find similar images, or give you more information about a picture. It can even help you do some online shopping.

How do you take a picture on Bixby?

How do I create a Bixby routine?

Open Settings, then swipe to and tap Advanced features, and then tap Bixby Routines. Tap the Discover tab. You’ll see all kinds of routines, from Good morning to Workout. Tap a routine to customize it – you can select widgets and apps to use, and change the conditions.

Is Bixby vision free?

There is a free version. Bixby offers a free trial.

Can Bixby identify plants?

Is Bixby vision an app?

Latest version. Bixby Vision is a complementary app for Samsung’s Bixby assistant that lets you search for things with images in a completely intuitive way. All you have to do is open your smartphone’s camera and point it at something. The way Bixby Vision works is simple, but it offers countless possibilities.

What happens when you point your camera up on Bixby?

Simply point your camera at what you’re interested in. Bixby Vision will bring you the information you need, from the name of a famous landmark you’re visiting to image search results, and more. * Food recognition will only show estimated nutritional information.

What does AR emoji do?

AR Emoji Camera: A user can create a ‘My Emoji’ that looks just like them. One can also take photos and record videos using My Emojis or character Emojis. AR Emoji Stickers: A user can create their own character stickers with Emoji expressions and actions.