How do I factory reset my HomePod?

Finally, wait for your HomePod to sound a chime.
  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad. …
  2. Then tap and hold the HomePod that you want to reset. …
  3. Next, scroll down and tap Reset HomePod.
  4. Then select Remove Accessory.
  5. Next, tap Remove.
  6. Finally, wait for your HomePod to reset.

How do I reset my HomePod to a new WIFI?

Tap and hold or 3D Touch the HomePod icon for the specific HomePod you’re having issues with. At the top a message will appear that says “This HomePod is on a different Wi-Fi network than this iPhone. Move HomePod to ‘(Wi-Fi name)’”. Give it a few seconds and HomePod will automatically connect to the new Wi-Fi network.

How do I reset my mini HomePod?

Unplug the power adapter for the ‌HomePod mini‌, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait another 10 seconds, then press the touch surface on the top of the ‌HomePod mini‌ and hold it there. The white spinning light will turn red.

How do I connect my Apple HomePod?

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will continue to be available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple will provide HomePod customers with software updates and service and support through Apple Care.

How do I connect my Mac to HomePod?

Open an app on your Mac that can stream content. Click the AirPlay button (available only if your HomePod or another external device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac). , depending on the app. Select the tick box next to your HomePod in the list of devices, then choose some content to stream from your Mac.

How do I access HomePod settings?

Double-check the settings

From blocking explicit music to knowing when Siri is actually listening, you can access the HomePod Mini’s settings by opening the Home app and long-pressing on the HomePod tile. Scroll down, past the now playing screen, and you’ll find all of the settings you can adjust.

Will there be a new HomePod in 2021?

Announced in October 2020, the HomePod mini is still a fairly new product in Apple’s lineup, and Apple does not release new HomePod models on a regular schedule. Apple has only debuted one full-sized HomePod so far, which was not updated between launch in early 2018 and discontinuation in 2021.

Why do my HomePod keep disconnecting?

The troubleshooting steps provided by Apple include rebooting HomePod mini or even restoring it to its default settings. In both instances, the fix is only temporary. … It will randomly disconnect from the WiFi, and the only fix that works for me is to factory reset the HomePod mini, then re-add to the Home app.

How many HomePods can you pair?

two HomePods
Before you ask, you can’t pair three HomePods together, although you can have more than two HomePods (i.e. a pair and a single HomePod for example) in the same room controlled via the same zone in the Apple Home app. You can find more tips and tricks in our best Apple HomePod tips and tricks feature.

Can HomePod play Spotify?

While ‌AirPlay‌ 2 support would allow users to play their Spotify content through their ‌HomePod‌, it is not native ‌HomePod‌ support.

Does HomePod have a battery?

No, Apple HomePod requires an electrical outlet. Despite photos of HomePod on Apple’s official website, the device does have a power cord. … The HomePod does not contain batteries, therefore it cannot be charged. Taking the HomePod to a location without access to electrical power means the smart speaker cannot be used.

Is Apple working on a new HomePod?

The company says it has now turned its efforts to the HomePod mini, which was introduced in 2020 at a more affordable price. According to rumors, Apple is still working on new HomePod models, which include a version placed between HomePod mini and the original HomePod.

Can you use the HomePod as a TV speaker?

If you want to use two HomePod mini or HomePod speakers, create a stereo pair, then assign the stereo pair to the same room as your Apple TV in the Home app. Turn on your Apple TV. You’ll be asked if you want to Use HomePod speakers as Apple TV speakers. Select Use as Apple TV Speakers to turn on home theater audio.

Does HomePod work with YouTube?

AirPlay can stream any audio that’s being played on your iPhone straight to your HomePod, including YouTube.

Can Siri play white noise?

You can also ask Siri to play a specific ambient sound by using one of the following phrases: “Hey Siri — play white noise.” “Hey Siri — play ocean sounds.”

Does the HomePod Sound good?

The audio quality of the Apple HomePod is, to put it simply, premium. It fills a room easily, with clear separation between all elements of music tracks. It’s certainly at its best when placed against a wall, pulling apart the sounds well, with elements such as voices coming through with incredible breadth.

Can HomePod play Pandora?

You can select Pandora to be your default music and podcast service on Apple HomePod. For those running iOS 15 or higher, open the Pandora app on your iOS or iPadOS device: Go to Profile and then to Settings. Tap on Connect with HomePod.

Can HomePod play SoundCloud?

Use AirPlay to Stream Music From Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora on HomePod. … HomePod comes with AirPlay technology so you can easily stream any content from your iPhone or iPad directly to HomePod. Different apps have different UIs for getting to the audio outputs screen.