How do you draw people shoes?

How do I draw on my shoes?

Choosing the right marker to draw with

Markers are one of the easiest permanent tools to draw on shoes with. Ensure you choose alcohol based markers over water based because the ink dries much faster. Water based pens take time to dry on just paper, so imagine how long they might take with fabric.

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How do you draw the back of a shoe?

How do you draw human hands and feet?

How do you draw simple boots?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Boots
  1. Begin by drawing a cylinder. To draw the cylinder, start with a set of vertical, parallel lines. …
  2. Using the cylinder as a guide, add detail to the outline of the boot. …
  3. Using a long, curved line, outline the toe of the shoe. …
  4. Erase the guide lines formed by the cylinder.

How do you draw realistic boots?

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How do I draw a stethoscope?

How to Draw a Stethoscope
  1. Using a curved line draw the eartube. Using circles outline the earpieces.
  2. Using long curved line draw the tube. …
  3. Using a circle draw the chestpiece (The cold thing that a doctor puts to your chest).
  4. Thicken the lines as in our example.
  5. Add some shadows to make 3D effect.