How much is the installation of Cignal?

Note: The Prepaid Ultimate HD Kit includes the HD set-top box and the Cignal dish.
Prepaid HD Box Only Discounted Price1,2901,290
1st Month Load (30- validity)100450
Minimum Installation Fee1,0001,000
Free 2nd Month Load100450

How can I install cignal at home?

Loading Through Cignal Web Loading Tool
  1. Input your Prepaid Account Number on the first box.
  2. Input the PIN from your Cignal Reload Card or the e-Pin provided.
  3. Input the text from the image.
  4. Click submit and wait for the confirmation message to pop-up.

How can I create account in cignal?

Account Portal registration process for first time users:

Go to Cignal TV’s website at and click on the Account Portal icon located on the top right portion of the page or simply type in your web browser. To register, provide the following primary details: Cignal Account Portal.

What is the pin code of Cignal?

Step 4.2: When asked for a PIN, enter your 4-digit PIN using your remote. Default is 0000 or 9998.

How can I get my cignal account number?

There are two ways to find your account number.
  1. Refer to your Cignal SOA or Statement of Account.
  2. Gently pull out your SMART CARD from the set-top box and check the backside of the card.
  3. For SMART and SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> and send to 5353.

How do I contact cignal?

Call our hotline: 8888-5555 or 0949 997 7600 for Smart subscribers and 0917 658 5555 for Globe subscribers.

What is cignal postpaid plan?

*For Postpaid HD Lite, lock-in period is 24 months.
PLAN 2901st Box2nd/3rd* Box
Activation Fee1,000230
Installation Fee (Min)1,000500/box*
Total Initial Cash-Out2,000730/box
Total Monthly Recurring Fee290230/box

How do I add a channel to cignal?

To avail of CHANNEL ADD-ON, e-mail [email protected] or call the Cignal Care hotline: (02) 244 6251. How will I pay for CHANNEL ADD-ON? Your CHANNEL ADD-ON subscription will be charged to your monthly bill. The CHANNEL ADD-ON fee will be billed on top of your monthly recurring fee.

Is cignal play free?

Is it free? You only have free access with Cignal Play Basic subscription where you can watch select live TV channels, series and movies. You can upgrade your subscription with Cignal Play Premium for only P75 for unrestricted access.

Where can I complain about cignal?

For existing Cignal subscribers,

call our Cignal Care hotlines for any promo-related or technical concerns: Dial #88222 for Provincial Areas or you can text us at 4681 8222.

Which is better Sky Cable or cignal?

Cignal offers very clear, crisp and better video quality than SkyCable. But SkyCable offers a lot more channels than Cignal. … My experience actually supports the result of the 2012 AGB Nielsen Clarity Test that Cignal offers a “very clear video”.

How do I get EPIN for Cignal?

Text CIGNAL and send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers. User will receive a text message confirming the request.

How can I register my cignal pin?

Text CIGNAL <PIN> <Cignal Account Number> and send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers. You will receive a text message confirming your request.