Do you have to return a game to the same GameStop?

You have 30 days from your in-store purchase or receipt of shipment to exchange or return, unless noted in our exceptions. You can return most items in-store, online or by calling our customer service at 1-800-883-8895 MON-SAT: 8 AM – 10 PM CT; SUN: 8 AM – 8 PM CT.

Can I return a pre ordered game to GameStop?

Yes! The GameStop return policy allows you a period within thirty days of a new purchase, including a receipt, you may get a full refund including your game consoles. You have a seven day period to receive a full refund with pre-owned items.

Can I return a game to a different store?

It must be unopened if you expect to get a refund, opened games will only be exchanged with another copy of the same title. But in case the original game is out of stock, you can exchange it for a different title.

Can I return a game if I opened it?

Once the game has been opened, regardless of if you have the receipt, the game cannot be returned due to copyright laws. It can be exchanged for the exact same title for the exact same console, but that’s it.

Can you negotiate with GameStop?

You cant haggle with Gamestop. their prices are set based off of the company. you can however get in to a Community College around your local area.

Can you return a game to GameStop if you bought it online?

For the most part, online GameStop purchases can be handled just like in store purchases. You can return any new item (except tablets) for a full refund if it is unopened and you return it within 30 days of purchase.

Can I return a GameStop game to Walmart?

Can I Return Opened Video Games To Walmart? Yes, you can return opened video games to Walmart! However, once the game has been opened, it is no longer eligible for a refund. Instead, you will have to exchange it for another copy of the same game for the same console.

What is game return policy?

We beat any price!

We will not be undersold! – If you’ve purchased any item from Game and, within 21 days, find the identical product at a competitor for less, tell us and we will refund MORE than the difference.

Can you return unopened games to GameStop?

Conversation. You have 30 days to return an unopened game. Once it’s opened, you have 30 days to exchange it for the same game.

How long does GameStop take to ship 2021?

Since orders may take a day or two to process, you should expect your order/item(s) to come in your mail within 24–48 hours. Last time I placed an order with them, which was back in Sept, it shipped next day and took 4 days from then to show up. So a bit shy of a week.

Can you return digital games?

Digital goods like apps, games, add-on content, subscriptions, movies, TV shows, and books aren’t returnable unless the offer or applicable law states that you’re eligible for a refund.

Do I need a receipt to trade games at GameStop?

If you find yourself in need of returning merchandise purchased at GameStop, make sure you have your receipt as it is required for all returns and exchanges. … Defective products will be exchanged for a like item. GameStop will not accept any returns on items that were purchased more than 30 days from receipt.

Can you cancel a GameStop online order?

As long as you cancel your pre-order before your card is charged, you should be able to cancel the order online. If you’re unable to cancel your order online, you can still request a cancellation via phone, email, or in-person at a GameStop store.

Does GameStop price match with Amazon?

No, Gamestop does NOT match prices with Amazon. However, the prices on Amazon fluctuate, mainly because average people, like you and me, are selling that items and are able to control the price.

How do I cancel a GameStop order as a guest?

To cancel an order from Gamestop, you can either do it yourself online or use the online help desk. You can also contact customer service and ask them to cancel the order for you.

How do I call GameStop?

1 (800) 883-8895
GameStop/Customer service

Can you return Pokemon cards to GameStop?

Return Policy

Pre-Owned software can be returned for any reason within 7 days. Digital content, Gift Cards, POSA, Trading Cards and products containing Trading Cards such as Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! are not eligible for return.

Can I cancel a GameStop pre-order and get my money back?

Yes. You can always cancel a preorder. Now, the rules have changed a little since I started working there. Currently, if you do not pick up a preorder within 30 days of the launch date, you will only be able to get back store credit, no matter what you paid in.

How long will GameStop hold a pre-order?

Holds are only guaranteed for 48 hours. After that, it becomes available to any customer that requests it. Typically, someone from that store will make calls the week before a game releases to remind anyone with an outstanding pre-order balance, to come in and pay it off.

Can I cancel a GameStop order before it ships?

If you are trying to cancel the order for a physical product then you must do it within 14 days of placing the order, or before the order is shipped, whichever comes first. If you cancel the order before your card is billed, there will be no need for a refund.

Can you get a refund for a pre order?

If you have paid for pre-ordered content on PlayStation Store but have changed your mind about the purchase — you can request a refund.

Can you return preorders?

You may refund your pre-order any time prior to the release of the game. If the pre-order title was purchased more than 3 months ago, you may not be able to refund back to your original payment method. … Even if the gift has been redeemed, you may still request a refund for this pre-order.

Are GameStop preorders guaranteed?

Besides, Are GameStop pre orders guaranteed? Pre order. … So if you don’t pick up a preorder at one of our stores in your local area, we’ll sell your copy that you preordered to someone else, but we still give you the amount of money you put down towards the purchase you made of the preordered game.

Can you refund pre ordered games on Xbox?

Can I cancel my pre-order? If you change your mind and want to cancel your pre-order, you can do this up to 10 days before the game launches by signing in to your Microsoft account and going to your order history page. After this time you may be billed, and to cancel you’ll need to request a refund.