Where is OS famous Dex from?

Chicago, Illinois
Dexter Gore, better known as Famous Dex, is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was born on September 6, 1993 in New York City.

What’s famous Dex real name?

Dexter Tiewon Gore, Jr.
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How old is the rapper famous Dex?

28 years (September 6, 1993)
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Did famous Dex leave rich forever?

Famous Dex announced that he was no longer signed to Rich The Kid’s record label Rich Forever Music back in August 2017. … According Rich The Kid, Famous Dex has a distribution deal with 300 under his Rich Forever Music venture.

Is famous Dex rich?

Famous Dex was the first artist signed to Rich The Kid’s label “Rich Forever Music”.

Famous Dex Net Worth.
Net Worth:$6 Million
Date of Birth:Sep 6, 1993 (28 years old)
Place of Birth:Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Does famous Dex have a kid?

On Sunday, Dexter shared a new picture with his three kids, stating how proud he is to be their dad. “Proud Father,” he wrote with a bunch of heart emojis. In the photo, he holds one of his babies on his shoulders and kisses his son on the cheek, hugging his daughter tightly.

Is famous Dex related to rich the kid?

In March 2016, Rich the Kid started his own record label called Rich Forever Music. The label’s first artist signed up was Chicago based Famous Dex. He also signed his first producer to Rich Forever Music, The Lab Cook.

Who is famous Dex label?

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Is Jay critch signed to rich the kid?

Jay Critch is a Brooklyn born rapper and best known for his hit singles like cameras, Ego and collaborations with Lil Tjay, Offset, French Montana, Fabolous, as well as Rich Forever’s CEO – Rich The Kid. The Brooklyn born rapper has been signed to Rich Forever Music since 2016 which is the label that Rich The Kid owns.

Is Rich Forever still together?

Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid started his label, Rich Forever Music in March 2016. Three months later, he signed a deal with Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment to become the parent company for his new label. However, Universal Music Group is now the parent company with Interscope as the distributor.