What is SRU hospital?

Jenner Ward – Specialist Receiving Unit (SRU)

What is the full form of SRU?

SRU Full Form is Speech Recognition Update.

What does Arcm stand for?

Associate of the Royal College of Music
Associate of the Royal College of Music (ARCM) is a diploma qualification of the Royal College of Music. Like the Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music diploma, it was formerly offered in a teaching or performing version, but unlike the latter it is no longer available.

What is Gillies ward city hospital?

Gillies Ward is currently a COVID-19 Ward, caring for patients with Coronavirus at City Hospital, Nottingham University Hospital Trust. 13. Harvey 2 (Formerly Gillies Ward)

What does SRU mean military?

The new program and Warrior Transition Units (WTUs) will be renamed the Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) and Soldier Recovery Units (SRU).