What is Academic All-Conference?

The criteria to be recognized as an Academic All-Conference selection includes having satisfied a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.33 and the team for which the student-athlete competes completed at a minimum 50% of its scheduled contests. St.

What does all-conference mean in cross country?

At the end of each athletic season, the Landmark Conference recognizes student-athletes with All-Conference honors. In cross country, swimming and diving, and track and field, the teams are decided based on each individual’s finish at the Landmark Championships.

What does it mean to make all state team?

adjective. selected on the basis of merit to represent one’s state, often in a competition: an all-state debater; a pitcher on the all-state team.

What is all league in high school?

Designating a team consisting of the players considered to be the best in their positions in a particular league.

What does all conference mean in high school football?

If your conference or league has eight teams, for example, then at the end of the season the coaching staff votes for the All Star players on the other seven teams (not their own). The votes are tallied, and the ones with the most votes (from the opponents) are All Conference.

How is all conference chosen?

Coaches will meet at a predetermined site to select All-Conference Teams. A coach or a school representative must be present in order to vote for All-Conference Teams. … Coaches will determine the make-up of the All-Conference Team, by position, before the vote is taken.

What does first team mean in softball?

A vote is taken and the top vote-getter represents the first team. The committee then discusses each player on the ballot who has been brought to the table as a potential second team All-American. A vote is taken and the top vote-getter represents the second team.

What does all county mean?

All-County means you are one of the top players in your county independent of which school you attended.

What does all region team mean?

If a player appears on at least two of those three top-12 lists, that player makes the All-Region team. The fan vote has been wildly popular, drawing between 3,000 and 6,000 votes. And we’ve received good support from coaches, normally drawing between 10 and 14 voters among the 18 coaches in our region.

What is a high school conference?

High School Conference is a free, three-day program filled with student workshops and various activities designed to assist high school students in their preparation for college and beyond.

What does it mean to be all state?

all-state in American English

(ˈɔlˈsteit) adjective. selected on the basis of merit to represent one’s state, often in a competition. an all-state debater.

What does all Region first team mean?

That means the best players of all the teams that would be in “the” team.

How are all region teams selected?

Each region may meet as a whole to determine the region teams. If the region is unable to meet as a whole, or a member of that region is unable to meet, the region representative shall take those votes via email and bring them to the region meeting for consideration.

What does all Region Honorable Mention mean?

: a distinction conferred (as in a contest or exhibition) on works or persons of exceptional merit but not deserving of top honors.

What is an All Region Athlete?

All-Region teams are made up of student-athletes that represent the highest level of field hockey players in their region with regard to the nominating criteria. A region’s team size is contingent on the number of institutions (collegiate) or NFHCA members (high school) within their region.