Does Aflac cover annual physical?

Your Aflac wellness claim pays you money for staying on top of your health by getting yearly checkups and medical screenings such as physicals, dental exams and eye tests. Most Aflac accident, hospital indemnity and cancer insurance policies have a wellness benefit to pay you for staying on top of your health.

How much is Aflac annual wellness benefit?

CANCER SCREENING WELLNESS BENEFIT: Aflac will pay $75 per calendar year when a charge is incurred for one of the following: breast ultrasound, biopsy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, hemocult stool specimen, chest X-ray, CEA (blood test for colon cancer), CA 125 (blood test for ovarian cancer), PSA (blood test for prostate …

What is the Aflac wellness benefit?

A wellness benefit payable for routine medical exams to encourage early detection and prevention. Benefits payable for fractures, dislocations, lacerations, concussions, burns, emergency dental work, eye injuries, and surgical procedures.

How much does Aflac pay for stress test?

$150 Aflac will pay $150 per calendar year when a covered person requires one of the following exams and a charge is incurred: CT scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), EEG (electroencephalogram), thallium stress test, myelogram, angiogram, or arteriogram.

How long do you have to file a wellness claim with Aflac?

How long do I have to file a claim? A. There is a one-year timely filing provision in your certificate.

How many wellness claims can you file with Aflac?

Your Aflac policy provides one Wellness Benefit per covered person, per calendar year, and this form is designed specifically for this benefit. To receive your Wellness Benefit, complete the form by following the instructions provided.

Does Aflac pay missed work?

If you find yourself unable to work, Aflac short-term disability insurance will provide cash to help ease the financial stress of a covered illness or injury. Ask your employer about Aflac Short-Term Disability insurance. This product is available through worksite payroll deduction only.

How much does Aflac pay for eye surgery?

VISION CORRECTION BENEFIT: Aflac will pay $80 (eighty dollars) when a charge is incurred for prescribed Vision Correction Materials or $130 (one hundred thirty dollars) when a charge is incurred for Refractive Error Correction Surgery for a covered person.

Does Aflac pay for anesthesia?

SURGERY/ANESTHESIA BENEFIT: Aflac will pay according to the benefits in the Schedule of Operations in the policy when a Covered Person has a surgical procedure performed for the direct treatment of a covered Internal Cancer or Associated Cancerous Condition and a charge is incurred for such surgical procedure.

How fast does Aflac pay claims?

with a small reimbursement amount), you’ll usually get the payment within 24-48 hours if you’ve set up direct deposit. If you file a claim for a surgery, long term illness, or anything with a substantial payout, EXPECT A WAIT, Along with multiple requests for documents one piece at a time.

Does Aflac pay your bills?

If you own an Aflac policy, your cash benefits can be used to help pay your deductible and any leftover medical bills, the mortgage or rent, utilities or other expenses you may have. They’re your benefits, so you can use them your way.

How much does Aflac pay for disability?

Monthly Benefit: $400–$6,000 (subject to income requirements) • Total Disability Benefit Periods: 6, 12, 18, or 24 months • Partial Disability Benefit Period: 3 months • Elimination Periods (Injury/Sickness): 0/7, 0/14, 7/7, 7/14, 14/14, 0/30, 30/30, 60/60, 90/90, 180/180 • Optional rider available for on-the-job …

What percentage does Aflac pay?

Partial Disability – The Partial Disability Benefit helps you transition back into full-time work after suffering a disability. If, after being Totally Disabled, you remain partially disabled and only able to work 4 hours per day, this plan will pay you 50% of your selected monthly benefit for up to 3 months.

Is Aflac still doing one day pay?

If you are paying for an individual policy, you can make a one-time payment on MyAflac. This excludes life insurance policies. Phone payments for life insurance policies. If you’d like to submit a one-time payment for individual policies in all lines of business, contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-992-3522.

How do I get paid with Aflac?

Use Aflac SmartClaim to get paid fast.
  1. Direct Deposit allows you to get paid fast.
  2. Click Direct Deposit and follow the instructions for registration.
  3. Please allow one business day for Direct Deposit enrollment to take effect.

Does Aflac have pre existing conditions?

Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation: Aflac will not pay benefits for any period of disability that results, directly or indirectly, from Sickness or Injury for which you, during the 12 months prior to the most recent Effective Date of your insurance, incurred expenses, received medical treatment, took prescribed drugs …

Does Aflac pay for colonoscopy?

Aflac will pay $75 per calendar year when a charge is incurred for one of the following: breast ultrasound, biopsy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, hemocult stool specimen, chest X-ray, CEA (blood test for colon cancer), CA 125 (blood test for ovarian cancer), PSA (blood test for prostate cancer), thermography, colonoscopy, or …

Is Aflac a duck?

When a little white duck with a lot of personality stormed upon the scene, Aflac made advertising history and became an international powerhouse. Since then, the Aflac Duck has appeared in more than 75 commercials and has helped catapult Aflac into a household name.

What illness qualifies for short term disability?

To qualify for short-term disability benefits, an employee must be unable to do their job, as deemed by a medical professional. Medical conditions that prevent an employee from working for several weeks to months, such as pregnancy, surgery rehabilitation, or severe illness, can qualify to receive benefits.

Does Aflac cover sickness?

AFLAC will pay benefits according to the Schedule of Operations when a covered person has a surgical operation performed for a covered sickness in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. … We will pay the highest eligible benefit. Benefits are not payable for cosmetic or elective surgery that is not due to sickness.

Does Aflac reimburse for prescriptions?

The No Cost Prescription Program helps you save on the price of brand name and generic prescription medications. The No Cost Prescription Program is included with the purchase of any pass.

Does Aflac cover asthma?

If you count the hospital stay we had the one year, you will know that another stress with asthma is the unexpected hospital bills! Aflac Insurance offers Hospital Indemnity Insurance, which can help give you some relief with all of these extra hospital costs.

How much does Aflac pay for a dislocated shoulder?

ACCIDENT SPECIFIC-SUM INJURIES BENEFITS: When a Covered Person receives treatment for Injuries sustained in a covered accident, Aflac will pay specified benefits ranging from $20–$7,500 for dislocations, burns, skin grafts, eye injuries, lacerations, fractures, concussion, emergency dental work, coma, paralysis, and …

How much does Aflac pay for open heart surgery?

SUBSEQUENT TIER ONE SPECIFIED HEART SURGERY BENEFIT: If benefits have been paid for a Tier One Specified Heart Surgery, Aflac will pay $1,000 if such Covered Person has a subsequent Tier One Specified Heart Surgery.