Will James Harden return this series?

James Harden will play in Game 5 of the Brooklyn Nets’ second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets announced. The star guard has missed all but 43 seconds of the first four games of this series due to a hamstring strain, but he progressed toward a return on Tuesday.

Will James Harden stay in Brooklyn?

He chose not to sign it. Don’t take that to mean he’s bolting Brooklyn next summer. Harden said he has no plans to leave the Nets, a statement he made after Brooklyn dropped its season opener to the Bucks Tuesday.

How bad is Harden injured?

It’s just a bad break.” The Nets confirmed Harden suffered a right hamstring injury. Head coach Steve Nash said he hadn’t received any updates after the nine-time All-Star left Barclays Center for an MRI. Perhaps the Nets can survive if Harden is forced to miss extended time during the postseason.

When did James Harden get hurt 2021?

05/16/2021Injury Management

How much does Kyrie Irving make per game?

For this season, Irving’s $34,916,200 salary would translate to a $671,465 weekly salary. That’s $95,660 per day, $3,985 per hour, $66 per minute or $1.1 per second. If we were to divide it by games played, that’s $425,807 per game.

What is Russell Westbrook contract?

Through the four years of his contract so far, Westbrook has played on four different teams – one season for each of the Thunder, Rockets, Wizards and now, the Lakers.

How much are the Lakers paying Russell Westbrook?
TeamHouston Rockets
Base salary$38,506,482
Dec 7, 2021

Is Kyrie going to play?

Kyrie Irving, who has not played this season due to his unvaccinated status, has started the process to return to the Nets, the team announced on Friday. … The Nets will need to assess his fitness level, and he’ll have to go through the health and safety protocols, which include extensive COVID-19 testing.

How old is KD?

33 years (September 29, 1988)
Kevin Durant/Age
At 33 years old, Durant is scoring 28.4 points per game — on pace for his best mark since 2013-14.

How long is Kyrie Irving?

Irving has two years and roughly $71 million left on his current contract, but he has a player option for the 2022-23 season.

Is Kyrie coming back?

Kyrie Irving is coming back. The seven-time NBA All-Star is expected to make his season debut for the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night when they visit Indiana, The Athletic reported Monday. … Head coach Steve Nash told reporters Monday the Nets were “hopeful” Irving can play Wednesday but “no determination has been made.

How old is Kyrie Irving?

29 years (March 23, 1992)
Kyrie Irving/Age

Can kyrie play in california?

Irving is eligible to play most road games, but not home games at Barclays Center (or games at Madison Square Garden) due to New York city vaccination regulations. He also wouldn’t be eligible to play in Canada or several California locations, due to local vaccination rules.

Who does Kyrie Irving play for?

Brooklyn Nets

#11 / Point guard, Shooting guard
Kyrie Irving/Current teams
Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is expected to make his season debut Wednesday on the road against the Indiana Pacers, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. After missing the Nets’ first 35 games of the season, Irving has targeted Wednesday for his return.

When was LeBron born?

December 30, 1984 (age 37 years)
LeBron James/Date of birth
LeBron James, in full LeBron Raymone James, byname King James, (born December 30, 1984, Akron, Ohio, U.S.), American professional basketball player who is widely considered one of the greatest all-around players of all time and who won National Basketball Association (NBA) championships with the Miami Heat (2012 and …

How old is bronny?

17 years (October 6, 2004)
Bronny James/Age
James was born on October 6, 2004, to NBA All-Star player LeBron James, age 19, and his then-girlfriend Savannah Brinson, age 18. James was raised by both of his parents, and they married in 2013.

How old is Westbrook?

33 years (November 12, 1988)
Russell Westbrook/Age

How old is curry?

33 years (March 14, 1988)
Stephen Curry/Age
Age – 29 years old

Curry was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio when his father, Dell, played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How old is Giannis?

27 years (December 6, 1994)
Giannis Antetokounmpo/Age

How old is cp3?

36 years (May 6, 1985)
Chris Paul/Age

How old is Michael Jordan?

58 years (February 17, 1963)
Michael Jordan/Age

How old is Lillard?

31 years (July 15, 1990)
Damian Lillard/Age

How old is Derrick Rose?

33 years (October 4, 1988)
Derrick Rose/Age

How tall is Pippen?

6′ 8″
Scottie Pippen/Height

What did Scottie Pippen weigh?

228 lbs
Scottie Pippen/Weight