How do you respond to Ni hao ma?

Simple Responses in Chinese

Friend: Ni hao ma? (how are you?) You: Wo hen hao! Xie xie. Ni ne? (I am very good, thanks.

What is the difference between Ni Hao and Ni hao ma?

What does ni ne mean in English?

This is often equivalent to saying “and … ?“, “what about … ?” or “how about … ?” in English. Some examples: 你呢? Nǐ ne? And you?

What does niihama mean in Chinese?

What xie xie means?

thank you
In most languages, one of the first and most important things you learn how to say is “thank you.” In English, “thank you” is a way of showing your appreciation and gratefulness towards someone. In Chinese culture, this is no different. This phrase in Mandarin is 谢谢 (xiè xie)! It’s such an important and useful phrase.

Why do Chinese ask have you eaten?

Originally Answered: Why is it common to ask “Have you eaten dinner?” in China? This goes back to the days when food was scarce in China. Back then it was rare for someone to eat until full, so it was often the main concern on people’s minds and was a common question to ask when first seeing a friend.

What is Ni in Mandarin?

you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您[nin2])

Is Ni hao ma Mandarin or Cantonese?

It’s a Chinese word. In Mandarin it is pronunciated as Nihao, and in Cantonese as Leihou. Ni Hao, if what you mean is ‘你好’, is both Cantonese and Mandarin in writing. But the sound, ‘Ni Hao’ is mandarin.

What Ma means in Chinese?

Ma or má (Mandarin pronunciation: [mǎ]), a Chinese word for cannabis, is represented by the Han character 麻.

What is Ni in Pinyin?

Ni is the Mandarin pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written in Chinese character. It is romanized Ngai in Cantonese.

Ni (surname)
PronunciationNi (Mandarin) Ngai (Cantonese)
Language(s)Old Chinese
Other names

How do you use Ni Hao?

The first time you meet someone, we use “ni hao”, and also use “nin hao”. But when two friends meet, people very seldom use “ni hao”. People like to use “Have you eaten?”, “Where are you going?”, or calling out the other person’s name.

What does Jiao mean Chinese?

Definition of jiao

: a monetary unit of the People’s Republic of China equal to ¹/₁₀ yuan.

How many strokes are there in NI?

に, in hiragana, or ニ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. The hiragana is written in three strokes, while the katakana in two. Both represent /ni/ although for phonological reasons, the actual pronunciation is [nʲi].

Is Ni Hao formal?

Because Nihao is comparatively formal. But when we talk with an old friend,or your family, do not say Nihao. in this case, it will sound like fake or insincere greeting.

How do you pronounce Nin Hao?

In which country is the greeting Ni hao ma used?

The basic greeting in Taiwan is “Ni Hao”, literally you good. Towards elders, “Ni Hao Ma” is used and means are you good?, but essentially, how are you?.

Do people use Ni hao ma?

Another thing I’d like to point out is the pronunciation of ni hao 你好. As you can see from the poll: 82.6% of people voted for “nǐ hǎo ma”. (38 out of 46 people)

Is Ni Hao used?

In Chinese, “Ni Hao” is written 你好. It means “Hi!”, “How do you do?”, “Hello!” It is an everyday greeting and is used at any time, on any occasion and by a person of any social status.

What is Cantonese for Hello?

Cantonese character: 你好 Romanization: nei5 hou2. Meaning: Hello (formal, for both speech and writings)

What is your name Mandarin?

Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì
你叫什么名字? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? “What is your name” (literally: “You called what name?”)

How do you say I am fine in Chinese?

I am fine [example]

我很好 [wǒhěnhǎo] [ex.]