What is the latitude and longitude of Columbus Ohio?

39.9612° N, 82.9988° W

What is the latitude and longitude of Cleveland OH?

41.4993° N, 81.6944° W

How do I find my latitude and longitude?

Android: Open Google Maps; it will zoom to your approximate location. Press and hold on the screen to drop a pin marker. Click on the dropped pin; latitude and longitude will be displayed below the map.

What is latitude and longitude of a place?

Latitude and Longitude are the units that represent the coordinates at geographic coordinate system. To make a search, use the name of a place, city, state, or address, or click the location on the map to find lat long coordinates.

What is the latitude of Cincinnati Ohio?

39.1031° N, 84.5120° W

What is the latitude of Detroit?

42.3314° N, 83.0458° W

What is latitude and longitude Class 9?

The latitudes are the parallel circles with respect to the equator reducing in length northwards and southwards and the poles are the points only. On the other hand longitudes are equal in length drawn from North Pole to South Pole with their intervals reducing towards poles.

What is a latitude answer?

Latitude is the measurement of distance north or south of the Equator. It is measured with 180 imaginary lines that form circles around the Earth east-west, parallel to the Equator. … A circle of latitude is an imaginary ring linking all points sharing a parallel. The Equator is the line of 0 degrees latitude.

What is the longitude of Denver?

39.7392° N, 104.9903° W

What is the latitude and longitude of Milwaukee?

43.0389° N, 87.9065° W

What Longitude is Michigan?

44.3148° N, 85.6024° W

What is the latitude and longitude of Phoenix?

33.4484° N, 112.0740° W

What is the longitude of Chicago?

41.8781° N, 87.6298° W

What is the latitude of Albuquerque New Mexico?

35.0844° N, 106.6504° W

Is latitude north or south?

What is Latitude? While lines of latitude run across a map east-west, the latitude indicates the north-south position of a point on earth. Lines of latitude start at 0 degrees at the equator and end at 90 degrees at the North and South Poles (for a total to 180 degrees of latitude).

What latitude is Sydney?

33.8688° S, 151.2093° E

What latitude is Tokyo?

35.6762° N, 139.6503° E

What latitude is Honolulu?

21.3069° N, 157.8583° W

What latitude is Melbourne?

37.8136° S, 144.9631° E

What latitude is Perth?

31.9523° S, 115.8613° E

What is the latitude for London?

51.5072° N, 0.1276° W

What is Buenos Aires latitude?

34.6037° S, 58.3816° W
Buenos Aires/Coordinates

What is Australia’s longitude and latitude?

25.2744° S, 133.7751° E

What latitude is Hobart?

42.8826° S, 147.3257° E