What is a small glass container called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SMALL GLASS CONTAINER [vial]

What’s another name for storage container?

What is another word for storage bin?
cartongarbage can

What is the synonym of glass?

What is another word for glass?

What is the name of the glass container above that you used to heat water?

Beaker – A beaker is a glass container with a flat bottom and a small spout for pouring. It is used in the chemistry lab for mixing, heating, and stirring liquids. Beakers come in various sizes and are shaped like a cylinder.

What’s another word for shipping container?

What is another word for shipping container?
corrugated boxfreight container
intermodal containerintermodal freight container
shipping crate

What’s another name for a shipping container?

An intermodal container, often called a shipping container, is a large standardized shipping container, designed and built for intermodal freight transport, meaning these containers can be used across different modes of transport – from ship to rail to truck – without unloading and reloading their cargo.

What is an antonym for container?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of something used to pack an object or group of objects. individual. unwrap.

What is a container for liquid called?

bottle. noun. a glass or plastic container for liquids, usually with a narrow part at the top that is called the neck.