What does spit 16 mean?

What does Bleed’s “spit another 16” mean? Hey there! It basically means “rap another 16 [bars]” – a standard verse is usually 16 bars long.

What is a sixteen in rap?

After the intro, rap songs usually go into the verse. Most of the time verses are 16 bars. … When someone says “write a sixteen”, they are referring to 16 bars. There are usually 2-4 verses in a complete song.

How many bars is 16?

What does 16 bars mean in music?

“Bars” (which are also called “measures”) are units of time in music. … So, “16 bars” (16 measures) would have 64 beats (16 bars x 4 beats per measure.) For audition purposes, you can listen to a song and find the best 64 beats to sing, which will automatically equal 16 bars.

What does 16 mean in slang?

The slang term “16” (also spelled sixteen) is a noun which is used by a lot of musicians, writers, and rappers to represent a 16 bars in a verse. When rappers talk about spitting a “hot 16” or “16 bars” they are referring to a verse, which sometimes is also over and under 16 bars.

What does spit mean in rap?

The slang terms “Spit” and “Spitting” (also spelled “Spittin’”) are verbs which is used in rap/hip-hop music to represent the action of rapping.

How long should 16 bars be?

Ideally, a 16-bar cut should be 30-45 seconds in length; one minute is maximum.

Does a 32 bar cut have to be 32 bars?

What is a 32 bar song?

AABA form
AABA form , also known as 32-bar song form, consists of a twice-repeated strophe (AA), followed by a contrasting bridge (B), followed by another repetition of the initial strophe (A). AABA and strophic form were common especially in older pop music (1960s and earlier).

Does a 16-bar cut have to be exactly 16 bars?

32-Bar and 16-Bar Cuts:

They don’t mean that you need to count the measures of the song and sing exactly 16 or 32 measures. You want to make sure the length feels right: 16 bars should be less than a minute and 32 bars less than two minutes.

How long does it take to sing 16 bars?

A 16-bar cut should be around 30–45 seconds (one minute is maximum) and a 32-bar cut should be around 1:15–1:30 (two minutes is maximum). The most important thing is that the cut feel right and make good musical sense.

How long is a verse?

Verse or “A” Section: A song’s verse is generally a recurring section— usually 16 or 32 bars in length—that serves as the main body of the song. In music with lyrics, the verse often tells the “story.”

What are 16bars called?

A verse is typically 16 bars which are four 4 bar sections. If your verse were 15 bars it would feel incomplete as well. A hook is typically 8 bars which are two 4 bar sections. If it were 7 bars…

How many seconds is 8 bars?

So, at Quarter = 60 (1 per second, or 60 in one minute), 8 bars lasts 4 x 8 = 32 seconds.

What do the 3 WIFI bars mean?

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What does 4 bars mean in rap?

Bars are lines of raps or lyrics in a song. A bar consists of 4 beats or 4 rhythms of music, for example 1, 2, 3, 4. … If a song has 3 verses or more it will probably be 16 bars each verse, and if a song has 2 verses, it will probably be 24 bars. A hook or chorus is 8 bars. An intro is 4-8 bars.

Can a hook be 4 bars?

Musical hooks are most evident in styles like rap, hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock, and dance music. They’re typically four or eight bars in length and repeat multiple times throughout a song. Moreover, hooks can be lyrical, melodic, rhythmic, or instrumental.

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