When was Punta created?

Origins. Punta rock was created by Pen Cayetano in Belize in 1978. Punta is a genre of traditional music that developed among the Garifuna people of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.

What musical group popularized the rhythm and dance of La Punta?

“Punta is a Garifuna music and dance style performed at celebrations and festive occasions. A dance and music created by the Garifuna people of present day St. Vincent and Dominica.

How do you dance to Punta?

What are the Garifuna dances?

Dance. Traditional Garifuna dances to accompany the music are the HunguHungu, Chumba, Punta and Wanaragua. The HunguHungu is a ritual dance which is used as a way for the living to communicate with the dead. The Chumba dance has strong erotic undertones and was traditionally performed exclusively by women.